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PASBR Promising Combo Fragments

January 29th, 2013 10 comments

For those you interested in making elaborate month-three combovids for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, here’s a list of naunaces that may be worth exploring.

    Platform Ledge Sweep
The reaction type caused by Kratos’ D+Square actually animates beyond the time it takes to reach the ground. Sweeping an opponent off a platform ledge gives you a few extra frames to juggle them before they air tech. I’m sure someone can find a clever use for this bit of minutia!

    Post-Stagger Meaty Setups
Heavy stagger reactions tend to force opponents low to the ground – stagger kneel (caused by Sweet Tooth’s j.Square) and stagger drop (caused by Sir Daniel’s j.F+Square). Therefore both can serve as convenient mid-combo meaty setups for high attacks and projectiles.

    Ceiling Bounce Followups
On stages with solid ceilings such as Dojo and Invasion, it’s possible to launch an opponent into a sort of ceiling splat reaction, providing an added followup opportunity as they peel off the ceiling. Certain characters can even add extra eject attacks to their air combos.

    Multi-Victim Combos
Since multi-victim combos yield diminishing returns for AP accrual, it takes a few extra hits for additional opponents to reach the infinite avoidance limit. As such, it’s possible to perform longer combos against secondary and tertiary victims.

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PASBR AP Burst / Infinite Avoidance System

December 12th, 2012 62 comments

Quite a few players have been asking for information on the AP Burst / Infinite Avoidance System in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, so here’s a quick overview. As most fighting game players know, a “combo” is defined as a series of attacks that can neither be blocked nor escaped once the initial attack connects. Basically the victim remains locked in hit stun until the combo ends, which can take a very long time in some games.

In PASBR, whenever a combo generates 100 AP or more, the victim instantly enters infinite avoidance state. They’re automatically ejected at a 45° angle and remain invincible the entire way up and down until they land – unless they attack or perform some other offensive action to relinquish their invincibility before landing.

PASBR Parappa AP Burst ComboWhen infinite avoidance occurs, whichever character triggered it receives a 30 AP bonus. Ideally, you want to perform a combo that adds up to 99 AP, then finish it with your strongest attack (which earns around 30 AP for most characters). That would cause AP burst at 129 AP and you’d end up with 159 AP after the bonus.

Of course, most characters can’t quite reach 159 AP because the vast majority of attacks are valued in increments of 5 or 10 AP. However, many characters can rack up 90 or 95 AP, making it possible to achieve 150 or 155 AP combos.

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SF4 Seth Combo Development

June 3rd, 2011 72 comments

Since i have almost no experience using Seth, and since quite a few people consider him their favorite combo character, i thought we’d try something different this time.

Instead of hunting down every existing SF4 Seth combovid myself, i’ll just let you guys tell me what you want me to try in his episode. As long as the idea sounds somewhat reasonable, i’ll give it a go. To keep this crazy exercise on track, please do me a favor and make sure your suggestions are based on concrete knowledge – either verified directly or seen in a video.

This process might work smoothly or it might not; it may save time or may waste time instead; it could be fun or it could suck – but it’s unexplored territory so it’s worth a shot.

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Limitations Shape/Frame/Elevate Combos

January 18th, 2011 4 comments

SF4 Chun Li’s LP Kikoken has a maximum range of approximately one full-screen distance. It’s just about gone by the time she catches up to it. (That restriction hurts.)

Chun Li’s HK Spinning Bird Kick deals outrageous amounts of damage, at the cost of atrocious startup and zero frame advantage. Ironically, these limitations aren’t severe enough.

It turns out that HK Spinning Bird Kick doesn’t travel fast enough to match LP Kikoken speed. When factoring in all nine impact freezes, it’s not a close race. That rules out using HK SBK to push the opponent backward into the fireball. Chun Li is airborne through most of SBK, so interrupting her with a conventional projectile is out of the question as well.

With the benefit of certain (rather elegant) setups, it may be possible to connect a small portion of HK Spinning Bird Kick ahead of her fireball – which of course permits her to recover and continue the combo. Some of these sequences wouldn’t even cost her any super meter.

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Mobile Capcom Arcade SF2WW Notes

December 25th, 2010 9 comments

I got the chance to play the iPhone version of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior and i have to say, it’s surprisingly good. Of course it’s nowhere near arcade-perfect, but Capcom Mobile did get a lot of details right. It’s not too hard to adapt to the touchscreen controls, although the ceiling is pretty low – nobody’s going to bust out TZW combos on the bus anytime soon.

Anyway, here are few minor things i happened to notice:

  • There are no middle attacks in the default control scheme, but it turns out you can change the button layout via “Control Settings” in the Pause menu.

  • In the Help menu, all the special moves have weird names. Oldschool reference?

  • Each character has a predetermined “Shortcut” macro assigned to the SP button. Charge characters actually charge for two seconds and then perform the special move, making it utterly useless for all practical purposes.

  • Button mash macros simply turbo-fire the designated attack for about a second. In Blanka’s case, he whiffs a jab and then performs LP Thunder Storm. If the jab connects, the command executes fast enough to cancel the jab.

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