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July 8th, 2012 2 comments

For this year’s Evo showcase video, we decided to try something a little different. Featuring contributions from twenty combo makers and excellent editing by Snoooootch, the theme of this project celebrates one of the coolest mechanics in fighting games – the air throw!

For detailed notes and explanations of each clip, head over to for the full transcript. The video contains some seventy clips and well over a hundred air throws, so it could take a while to read the entire thing. That’s why we began each paragraph with a time code and game title, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

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SF4 Biyearly TACV 18: Seth

April 24th, 2012 13 comments

As the primary end boss of the Street Fighter IV series, Seth’s moveset contains quite a bit of boss character nonsense – including an EX move that grounds airborne opponents. He excels at pretty much everything except dealing high damage. Making this video was more fun than i expected, but finding the time for it also took considerably longer than i might’ve anticipated.

0:11 The entire goal of this setup was to integrate two F+PPP Yoga Teleports into a single combo. Seth’s teleport lasts for 40 frames while his s.HP only causes 22 frames of hit stun. How do you fill the gap? Put a Sonic Boom in the middle! Unfortunately, Seth’s LP Sonic Boom travels annoyingly fast whereas his walk/dash/jump movement speed sucks. Furthermore, the SF4 camera resists scrolling which drastically impedes Seth’s ability to race past his own fireball. Luckily it turns out that M.Bison’s HK Knee Press Nightmare pushes (slightly) past the edge of the screen, which creates that tiny bit of extra space necessary to delay the fireball impact enough to make this sequence click. Of course, the SF4 engine hates crossup combos so there isn’t much Seth can do midscreen with Bison leaning into him. I thought s.MK would look more interesting than another s.LP, c.MK rerun. By the way, that c.HK sweep at the end is a one-frame link off lvl2 Focus Attack xx dash forward, F+PPP Yoga Teleport.

0:22 Trading with Seth’s Hyakuretsukyaku produces roughly the same hit stun duration as a standard hard attack, but interrupting him shortly after it connects maintains its unique extended reaction. Both instances are shown here. First, Seth’s LK Hyakuretsukyaku trades with Rose’s close s.LK, then her LP Soul Spark interrupts another LK Hyakuretsukyaku to set up crossup j.HK, c.HP, HK Hyakuretsukyaku back into the corner for the stompy super finish.

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CvS2 Leftovers ’08

January 24th, 2012 8 comments

These tool-assisted combos were prepared for a video project proposed by D44-Bas. He wanted to use them as bonus materials for some sort of CvS2 advanced tactics tutorial, but never got around to completing a draft. Since then, these clips have encountered repeated debacles and delays – eventually ending up in numerous scattered community projects. Now nearly four years later, i’ve decided to reunite the whole set for the sake of completeness.

0:02 Dan makes an exceptional combo dummy in CvS2 because his Chohatsu Densetsu super bestows 1/8 meter with each of its first five Taunts, then 3/8 meter from the final Taunt. Thanks to that hefty refund, C-Morrigan gains access to four bars of meter. Her lvl1 Soul Phoenix connects after she initiates lvl2 Valkyrie Turn, fulfilling its cancelability requirements. Canceling into lvl1 air Soul Phoenix then creates a free juggle state and resets the juggle counter, allowing both hits to connect. Valkyrie Turn also locks the screen in place until Morrigan reaches neutral state, thereby creating a temporary pseudo-corner situation.

0:14 Kyo’s lvl3 Serpent Wave barely catches Iori’s descent from an air-to-air j.D+HP sudden knockdown. OTG LP Flashing Slash connects at maximum distance in the corner.

0:20 Todo’s crossup j.LK triggers Blanka’s Counter Attack facing the wrong direction, then F+MK slides into its last active frame. Todo’s momentum carries him over Blanka’s lvl2 Shout of Earth, which can only be mashed using one kick to avoid unintended special moves. Canceling into whiff LP Rolling Attack creates a free juggle state for vertical j.HP to connect.

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CvS2 Notebook Highlights and Leftovers

November 22nd, 2011 7 comments

These Capcom vs SNK 2 game engine exploration clips were recorded in 2004 and distributed individually on a weekly basis. Nobody has the patience to download forty files anymore, so i’ve assembled the highlights along with a few unreleased leftovers into this compilation.

Detailed explanations of each experiment can still be found in the old notebook archive. Even the unsorted clips at the bottom are either self-explanatory or covered in some other entry. The only real exception is the batch of OTG throw leftovers starting at 0:28.

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October 16th, 2011 2 comments

Assembling DAMAGE exhibition for Evo2k11 left us with a huge surplus of unused clips. We decided to split them into five-minute halves rather than presenting one huge ten-minute video to a live tournament audience. Keiko finished editing the second volume sooner than expected, so we submitted it to Season’s Beatings: Velocity and here we are with the sequel.

The full transcript is provided on with background notes and explanations for each clip. Huge thanks to everyone involved for finishing in time for the event debut.

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