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Watch This Space …

August 31st, 2009 13 comments

So i’ve been kicking around the idea of starting something like a blog here, probably updated a couple times per week. The focus will be split between technical combo ramblings and match strategy observations, along with a few surprises thrown in. I’m not the toppest player around and i’ve never won a tournament, but sometimes i notice stuff that other people don’t. Since i’ve been around the tournament community for a while, maybe my viewpoint will be interesting to players who came to SRK hoping to understand fighting games better. - Fighting Game Combos, Tutorials, Matches, Screenshots, and Strategy

The only catch is that in order to justify the amount of time this demands, i’ll have to install some ad banners and such on the website. I’ve been producing multimedia content for the fighting game community for almost a decade now and i’ve never tried (or wanted) to make any money from it. In fact i honestly doubt i’ll ever break the minimum wage barrier. But it would still help to balance out the sacrifices i always make to work on a video or research an article.

Um… Is that cool with everyone? What do you guys think?

Everything about this section of Sonic Hurricane will probably change dramatically over the next few months, including the content, the layout, the subject matter, and the presentation, until it turns into something that works well. Hopefully it’ll gradually become more convenient and organized. Ad placement and content will change a lot as well. (I’m not even sure whether anyone in the SRK crowd bothers clicking on web ads, so i wouldn’t be surprised if everyone left me out to dry and this experiment turned into a disaster. But that’s no longer a good enough reason not to try.)

So … here goes nothin’ …

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