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What Does Tool-Assisted Mean?

March 23rd, 2010 15 comments

Every time i release a new video, a few people ask the same question. I suppose the first article i wrote defending the concept was too abstract for its own good. It’s worth another try.

I’ve been using the PS3 version of Street Fighter IV throughout the SF4 Biweekly TACV series, so i’ve had to utilize two ASCII PAD V Pro programmable controllers to simultaneously control both characters. Obtaining a good (Japanese) program pad has become nearly impossible, since we’re talking about out-of-production PSX controllers. ASCII and Hori both stopped manufacturing them once the PS2 came out, probably because analog controls would’ve been too difficult to simulate.

Personally i prefer program pads to sticks simply because pads are more convenient, even though my execution is better on a stick. Both work fine, so get ahold of whichever one you can find – or better yet, learn to use macro software if your computer is powerful enough to run the PC version of whatever game you want to play.

What you can do with a programmable controller:
  – save time by consistently executing prohibitively
      difficult input sequences
  – precision mashing
  – establish and reproduce accurate spacing
  – test every possible permutation of a given
      experimental sequence to prove with a high
      degree of certainty that it doesn’t work
  – pick 3P/3K colors in CvS2

What programmable controllers can’t do:
  – cut down combo video production time, since you’ll
      have to compensate by making your combos harder
  – random mashing
  – work with games/consoles that require analog sticks
  – eliminate all randomness, since multiple factors affect
      Magnetic Tempest patterns, CvS2 superfreeze, etc.
  – bypass charge time, chain lockout, or any other
      hard-coded execution barrier
  – alter or modify the game engine in any way
  – come up with ideas

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CV Spotlight: rKf’s Fifth 3S Combo Video

March 21st, 2010 10 comments

Do you enjoy feeling bad for Akuma? Do you think the world needs more Dudley combos regardless of the current world tally of Dudley combos? This is the video for you!

K-6 presents Combo Vid No.5

Against all odds, rKf is keeping the manually executed 3S combo dream alive with four minutes of fresh footage starring (in order of appearance) Urien, Ryu, Dudley, Akuma, Yun, and Alex.

Do you want to see all of Urien’s special moves in one non-dizzy combo? 0:36. Do you want to see some ground stun Denjin combos? 0:43. Do you want to see Dudley manual dash during a midscreen juggle? 0:57. And that’s only the first minute!

(Make sure you visit his website for download links to all previous volumes too.)

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Can You Play Without Taking Damage?

March 20th, 2010 15 comments

Do you know how? I’m guessing you do. It’s not as hard as it sounds. I bet everyone’s tried to perfect the computer at some point. I’m sure everyone’s played against runaway specialists and decided to patiently avoid everything instead of chasing them down.

So then, what makes it so difficult to do this when you’re one blocked special move away from death? The fear is all psychological, right? Like the whole beam-walking on the ground versus walking on a beam between skyscrapers quandary.

When you watch Daigo make those crazy comebacks with no life left, does it ever seem like he’s playing scared? When you see Kobe take a game-winner with his team down two points at the buzzer, does it ever look like he thinks he’s going to miss? That’s how you have to play. If you know you can make the shot, don’t allow yourself to think any different simply because of numbers on a clock (or colors on a lifebar).

You know, Kobe doesn’t always make those and Daigo doesn’t always win those, but you’re much better off with that confident mix of focus and determination than without. If you don’t already know exactly what to do in that situation, come up with a plan quickly and execute it. Embrace the moment, because there’s no better way to develop that clutch instinct than forcing yourself to face crunch time head-on.

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SF4 Screenshot Special: Clash of Soul’s Echoes

March 18th, 2010 54 comments

Whoever comes up with the best title for the Guile vs Rose image up top gets to choose the character paired with Gen for the next SF4 Biweekly TACV! As always, the rules are one entry per person and i’ll choose my favorite on Monday.


SF4 Guile cancels HP Sonic Boom into LK Double Flash while Rose EX Focus Attack dash cancels LP Soul Spark, then activates her Illusion Spark ultra as their projectiles collide.

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SF4 Biweekly TACV 09: Gouken

March 16th, 2010 34 comments

Gouken can create free juggle states with seven different moves, whereas most characters only have lvl2/lvl3 Focus Attacks to rely on. However, only four of his attacks possess inherent juggle potential, none of which are particularly versatile. Furthermore, he’s remarkably unique within the Shoto family, so it’s interesting to experiment with visually familiar yet functionally divergent attacks inspired by Ryu and Ken’s moveset.

0:11 Gouken’s HK Hyakkishu -> Hyakki Gosai is an air-to-ground throw, so crumple stun is the only way to combo it. Dash canceling a Focus Attack doesn’t give Gouken enough time it before the opponent falls over and becomes airborne. Yet he can land it after trading a lvl3 Focus Attack with pretty much anything, due to the massive amount of impact freeze caused by Focus Attacks. See how much sooner Gouken starts reeling from Zangief’s far s.HK compared to how much longer it takes Gief to begin animating from Gouken’s lvl3 Focus Attack?

0:18 Gouken’s only two repeatable free juggle setups are his Gohadokens and the first hit of j.MP, both demonstrated here. The first hit of HK Tatsumaki Gorasen doesn’t create a free juggle state if the opponent is already in air reel when it connects, but the whole thing connects anyway because the remaining hits have inherent juggle potential.

0:26 Dan’s Jumping Taunt propels him ridiculously high into the air, giving Gouken enough room to juggle five Gohadokens – one charged HP, two HP, one MP, and one LP – then cancel into HP Forbidden Shoryuken for all seven hits. This combo inflicts 510 damage and 460 stun.

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