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CV Spotlight: SSF4 Combo Video Kickoff, Wave 2

June 20th, 2010 11 comments

Continuing from last week, here’s the second batch of standout Super Street Fighter 4 videos.

RushDownTV Presents: Spotlight Makoto | Spotlight DeeJay | Spotlight Ibuki

Want to pick up an SSF4 newcomer in under ten minutes? Pimp Willy provides a quick rundown of each character’s practical combos along with a wide variety of useful basic tricks. These videos are all sharply edited with a clear focus on content, while staying fast-paced enough to hold the viewer’s attention. I’m not sure what his future plans are for the series but i certainly hope he continues to make more.

SSFIV: Combos+Unblockables 1 | C+U2 | C+U3 | CMV4

Just when it looked like desk was semi-retired from combo video making, he goes on a tear with a whole slew of top shelf videos in honor of SSF4. These are all so consistently good that it’s nearly impossible to single out individual moments. If i had to choose, personally i’d have to go with and Dudley 2:45 in episode one, Dee Jay 1:50 in episode two, Rose 0:55 in episode three, and Seth 1:46 and Fei Long 2:25 in episode four.

SSF4 Various Character Combo Exhibition Video

Following his SF4 combovids by the same name, Dj-B13 takes a look at his favorite characters in SSF4 and shares his inventive stylings. He starts off with a couple of flashy Dan combos, follows up with some bully Sagat combos, then gets down to business with Chun Li. Her midscreen juggle combo at 1:42 is quite nice and so’s the first Ibuki combo at 2:16. His last midscreen Juri combo at 2:50 was pretty cool too.

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Tenebrous Tournament Tales

June 19th, 2010 10 comments

As i must have mentioned before, i’ve never won a tournament. However, i have finished second place on at least three occasions, which means i’ve reached the grand finals of three (rather modest) local tournaments. I should probably write these stories down before i forget them completely. With any luck, some of you might join in sharing your tournament experiences and lessons learned as well.

My first trip to grand finals happened during the last CvS2 tournament held at SHGL arcade. It was a strange, gloomy, nostalgic atmosphere. I believe twenty-something people entered, but all were dedicated CvS2 players. The only opponent i remember beating was some new guy playing an unorthodox K-Groove team who had managed to get second place in the previous CvS2 tournament by beating the regular who had eliminated me.

He was obviously good, but it annoyed me that a stranger had placed so high in “our” arcade. Luckily, i got my chance to play him and made sure it didn’t happen again. I don’t remember much other than the matches being close and getting intense towards the end. My reward was facing CaliPower in the finals, and i knew i had no chance so i picked N-Groove Shotos or something. Actually, Valle offered to let me have the win but MrWizard (aka Captain Hater) overheard him and threatened to disqualify us both. Nevertheless, that was a good day.

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Weekly Screenshot: Lakers Win!

June 17th, 2010 16 comments

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers for winning their 16th NBA Championship and congratulations to Kobe Bryant on receiving his second Finals MVP Award! This whole season has been a pleasure to watch. And hats off to the Celtics for playing their hearts out all series.


VH2 L.Raptor’s Hell Dunk finishes off Rikuo. In Japan, they’re known as Zabel and Aulbath, respectively. (Every number signifies something related to today’s Game 7.)

Also i want to say thanks to everyone for your show of support in continuing to subscribe to my u2b channel. I saw yesterday that the total has surpassed 4,000 now! That’s unbelievable. I don’t know what else to say. Thank you sirs and ma’ams.

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Wish List

June 15th, 2010 27 comments

Well, my Lakers just rocked the rat bastard Celtics to force an NBA Finals Game 7 for the first time since forever ago, so i’m in a pretty good mood. I also happen to have nothing to talk about today, so let’s try something different. If i could ask for anything (fighting-game-related), this would be my impossible wish list:

1) Footage of SF2WW testers playing the game the week before release, just to see how the design team intended the game to be played versus how Street Fighter is played today.

2) Any original TZW Tape or DVD. To this day, i’ve never seen a genuine copy in person.

3) A complete history of the Street Fighter scene written by Watson, Choi, Valle, and Killian. Yeah i know this is a hopeless request, even without adding Ohira or Osaki to the mix.

4) Playable beta of Capcom Fighting All Stars. I can’t help but wonder how fun it would be to mess around with that bizarre game. They even gave Charlie his own Sonic Hurricane. I feel like there’s a void in my life, and the only prescription is Ryu’s Shin Standing Fierce fatality.

5) CvS3 in 2D!

Okay, your turn now. What’s your top five?

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CV Spotlight: SSF4 Combo Video Kickoff, Wave 1

June 13th, 2010 11 comments

Super Street Fighter IV has been out for a while, so i’m somewhat behind on posting these. Still better late than never, right?

SSF4 Cody Combo Video: Jailbreaker

Cody is simultaneously the most surprising and most disappointing combo character in SSF4. He has a lot of cool building blocks, as demonstrated in detail by Persona. Rocks into EX rocks at 0:35 is awesome, those low fierce links against Honda at 1:04 are pretty cool, and that starter against Akuma at 1:59 is one of the more stylish dizzy combos i’ve seen in the SF4 engine. Unfortunately, Cody can’t quite seem to combine all these pieces into anything truly spectacular. Maybe it’s my fault for expecting more from his unique knife-wielding mechanic.

SSFIV Ansatsuken & Bushin Combos

When did Capcom start referring to Shotos as practicing ansatsuken? Has it ever happened before SF4? Anyway the Combonauts team of Tigre III and Krusan have come up with a very creative title for a combo video starring Gouken and Guy. They have a nice midscreen Gouken juggle combo at 0:59 and another at 1:36. Vega’s actually a surprisingly decent combo dummy even though he doesn’t seem particularly useful on paper, although it helps that he’s tall. Guy’s super to ultra combo at 3:01 is very interesting as well.

SSFIV: New Character Combo Video

Wasting no time with any of the returning characters, Doopliss headed straight for the SSF4 newcomers – showcasing as many as five or six combos per character. Highlights include Adon’s EX air Jaguar Kick connecting once off vertical j.MK at 1:27, Dudley’s c.MK juggle starter at 1:33, Makoto’s F+HK against Dhalsim’s j.LP at 2:26, and a nice use of the knockdown hit of Ibuki’s s.MP at 4:15. Any SF4 veterans who want a quick overview of what the new characters are capable of will greatly appreciate this video.

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