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Cardinal Emu TACV Scripting Rules

August 24th, 2010 12 comments

Two weeks ago, i recommended MacroLua as an emulator utility for scripting tool-assisted combos. I’m hoping that some of you were intrigued enough by its potential to give it a try. The following guidelines are intended to help you guys get started on the right foot.

Rule #1: Always leave a few empty frames of wait time at the beginning of your scripts.

Personally, 99% of my scripts begin with W10 as a rule. Weird input errors tend to happen if you start scripts with commands on the very first frame.

Generally you’ll want to leave at least 60 frames of idle wait time before each combo for video editing purposes. It’s a good idea to incorporate that into your script from the get-go. The last thing you want to do is spend an hour developing a combo around some random occurance only to discover that the whole thing falls apart when you move it back by 60 frames.

By the way, if a combo doesn’t work, try adjusting the wait number before the script. Sometimes random factors such as turbo speed, projectile slowdown, and superfreeze startup can disrupt a working script. If you’re starting from a fixed save state, the script will always produce the same result. After all, that’s the main advantage of using emulators.

Before you give up on a script, try increasing the wait number at the beginning to see if it changes anything. Some combos work on every frame, some work on every other frame, some on every four frames, some every twelve frames, and so on up to thousands.

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CV Spotlight: wolverine-master’s Danger Room 2

August 22nd, 2010 No comments

Well, everyone has to give it up eventually, i suppose. After making a series of well-received Marvel combovids, wolverine-master has decided that it’s time to retire from video-making. This is his last combo video, as it says in the u2b description.

The Danger Room 2 | Preview 2.0 / Deleted Scenes

With a runtime over ten minutes, there’s plenty of good material to be found within. Personally i’m partial to the MvC2 Cyclops/Cable combo at 2:53, the XSF Storm/Magneto 200% damage combo at 3:53, and the MvC2 Spider-Man double Maximum Spider combo at 6:49. I also liked the Gambit portion of the MvC2 Gambit/Thanos/Felicia combo at 7:52.

The editing was done by him as well. It’s okay for the most part, although i can’t say i’m a fan of the intro. The music is nice too, although i have to admit i still don’t understand the recurring connection between Marvel combos and Nightwish songs. Anyone?

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Worst Slides of All Time

August 21st, 2010 14 comments

Instead of writing another serious strategy article, i hope nobody minds if i take a break today to share this dumb list i’ve been working on. Here are my official nominations for the category of worst slides in fighting game history. Ready?

    #5: Evo2k5 ST 3on3 Grand Finals – CaliPower vs Gian
At the 5:02 mark, Gian’s Dhalsim throws out a desperation c.HK slide to escape the corner, but Valle’s Ryu sees it coming and lands c.MK xx Shinku Hadoken for 60% damage.

    #4: SoCal SSF4 Winners Finals – ComboFiend vs Shizza
At the 2:44 mark, ComboFiend’s Guy gives up a 25% lead by whiffing a mistimed c.HK slide to punish Chun Li’s whiffed c.HK sweep. Shizza happens to be standing just outside Guy’s slide range, so he responds with c.LK xx EX Lightning Legs, Kikosho to take the round.

    #3: a-cho SFA3 2on2 – Shinya vs Crusher
At the 2:40 mark, Crusher’s V-Sodom tries to apply some lazy pressure with two consecutive c.HK slides, while sitting on a comfortable 30% life lead. Except the second one barely misses Shina’s A-Guy and the round abruptly ends.

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Weekly Screenshot: Stairway to 天

August 19th, 2010 41 comments

Here’s the last of the X-Men: Children of the Atom images, featuring the ultra-oldschool secret character facing off against the CPU-controlled final boss.


COTA Akuma’s invincible Gou Shoryu Reppa passes through CPU Magneto’s Hyper Gravitation while he remains untouchable within his Magnetic Bubble. COTA Akuma is based on his SSF2T appearance, which marks the only instance of an SF2 series sprite in the Marvel series.

Whoever comes up with the best title wins an “Aura Blue” Arcade FightStick TE Keychain. As always, the rules are one entry per person and i’ll choose my favorite on Monday.

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SF4 Biweekly TACV 15: Balrog

August 17th, 2010 25 comments

Wanting to explore the full combo potential of charge characters was my initial reason for making the switch from manual execution to tool-assistance. SF4 Balrog is a great example of a character whose primary limitation is an execution barrier. Combining difficult links with optimized charge timing opens up a whole new layer of combo opportunities for the champ.

0:11 There’s nothing notable about this combo from a technical standpoint. It was the first clip i recorded, simply because i thought it looked cool. Balrog’s Violent Buffalo ultra appears in almost every combo, so i tried to mix it up by using a different pattern every time. It always juggles for exactly seven hits, which seems to be its maximum.

0:24 Although the charge timing is tight, Balrog has just enough time to connect an LP Dash Swing Blow before Rose crumples into airborne state after each lvl2 Focus Attack. The sixth one is a lvl1 Focus Attack to set up the ultra. However, the Violent Buffalo must be initiated with KKK buttons after the backdash, because evidently the PPP version is 1 frame slower.

0:43 These four mini-combos are strung together to save time on transitions. In older games, chain canceling rapid-fire weak attacks would eliminate their entire recovery period, making startup time the only relevant factor. Somehow that’s not the case in SF4, because Balrog can naturally combo far s.LP -> whiff far s.LP -> c.LP whereas c.LP -> whiff far s.LP -> c.LP requires a meaty setup. Balrog’s EX Dash Straight has 6 active frames and provides +2 frame advantage, which becomes +7 on the last active frame, and +9 on counterhit. Far s.MK connects on the 9th frame. Sagat’s HP Tiger Uppercut is invincible for 5 frames and connects on the 5th frame, which makes it impossible to beat or even to trade with a non-invincible attack. Luckily it doesn’t break armor, so Balrog absorbs the impact on the 5th frame, then Sagat cancels into EX Focus Attack on the 6th frame, so EX Dash Straight connects as a perfect meaty counterhit. HP Dash Swing Blow simply links into backward j.LP, and the numbers work out quite nicely to dizzy Sagat at the ideal time. HP Dash Straight, s.LP only works against Sagat and Honda, but HP Dash Straight, c.LK works against Bison and Cammy.

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