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Limitations Shape/Frame/Elevate Combos

January 18th, 2011 4 comments

SF4 Chun Li’s LP Kikoken has a maximum range of approximately one full-screen distance. It’s just about gone by the time she catches up to it. (That restriction hurts.)

Chun Li’s HK Spinning Bird Kick deals outrageous amounts of damage, at the cost of atrocious startup and zero frame advantage. Ironically, these limitations aren’t severe enough.

It turns out that HK Spinning Bird Kick doesn’t travel fast enough to match LP Kikoken speed. When factoring in all nine impact freezes, it’s not a close race. That rules out using HK SBK to push the opponent backward into the fireball. Chun Li is airborne through most of SBK, so interrupting her with a conventional projectile is out of the question as well.

With the benefit of certain (rather elegant) setups, it may be possible to connect a small portion of HK Spinning Bird Kick ahead of her fireball – which of course permits her to recover and continue the combo. Some of these sequences wouldn’t even cost her any super meter.

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SF? Guile Exhibition (Evo2k7/OHN6 Editions)

January 11th, 2011 5 comments

Since u2b lifted their 15-min runtime limit, a lot of people have been requesting my Evo Guile combovid in HD resolution. Here are all three versions re-encoded in 720p. I recommend watching the Evo2k7 Edition Trailer followed by the OHN6 Edition. Skip the Evo2k7 Edition.

The Evo2k7 Edition Trailer was released on July 4th, 2007. Its purpose was to announce the project and provide another (minor) incentive for people to make the trip out to Evo that year. It also allowed me to utilize a handful of bonus clips that didn’t mesh with the format of the main project – and gave me an excuse to publish a Guile video on Independence Day!

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SSF4 Combo Challenge 02: Four of a Kind

January 5th, 2011 13 comments

It’s been a long time since the last challenge, and i’ve been getting a slew of requests for a new SSF4 combo puzzle, so here’s one that should keep everyone busy for a while.

All special moves in SSF4 have four different versions: light, medium, hard, and EX.

Challenge: Combo all four forms of any special move.

Rule #1: Start from 0 stun. (If you intend to dizzy the opponent, that is.)

Rule #2: Obey gauge limits. (Set S.C. Gauge to Refill but use only 4 stocks. If you plan on building enough meter to use 5 or more bars, set S.C. Gauge to Normal or Max Start so we can verify your method. Keep in mind that super meter charges slower during combos.)

Rule #3: Choose a special without an accepted solution. (Look through all existing responses to make sure that special move hasn’t already been addressed. Don’t worry, if two people independently submit the same move within hours of each other, i’ll accept both.)

Hard Mode: Do not dizzy the dummy character. (If any particular special move already has a dizzy-based response, i’ll still accept unique non-dizzy solutions.)

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