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Challenge Roundup, Vol. 2

February 25th, 2011 7 comments

Lately a few people have been asking for new combo challenges, so here are some recent ones from various corners of the internet. Check ’em out and give them a try.

SSF4 Combo Challenge by Snoooootch

Simple mode: Without dizzying an opponent … Use a taunt in the middle of a combo!
Hard mode: Without dizzying or FA crumbling, use a taunt in the middle of a combo!

MvC2 Combo Challenge #1 by Romneto

Do a 100% damage combo to a 100% (standard) defense character by using no more than 2 super meters.

T6BR Combo Challenge Volume 2 by noodalls

uf+1 uf+2 uf+3 and uf+4 in one combo / All challengers welcome

While these aren’t all exactly brand new, nobody’s going to reject perfectly valid responses if you follow directions. Good luck!

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Interactive Tutorial Mode Design Proposal

February 16th, 2011 29 comments

For newcomers to the genre, learning how to play fighting games involves a ton of failure and very little guidance or encouragement. Traditionally, every version of Street Fighter has presupposed a commitment from the player to learn the game at any cost. In all these years, fighting games have yet to make a serious effort to meet new players halfway.

SSF2 Guile normal far standing attacksCompared to a first-person shooter like Counter-Strike, there’s almost nothing intuitive about Street Fighter at first glance. What’s the strongest attack? What’s the fastest move? How do you block throws? How do fireballs work? How is super meter used? What does offensive crouch do?

How do you know when to use which button? There’s no clear-cut answer to that question. Their names don’t mean anything! Guile’s standing roundhouse kick serves a completely different purpose in SSF2 than the same exact button for Bison. Guile’s far s.HK is reactionary anti-air defense, whereas Bison’s far s.HK is an offensive mid-range ground poke.

Sadly, new players aren’t even told that the button layout isn’t meant to be organized by purpose or usefulness. At the very least, they deserve to be shown how to sort attacks into basic functional categories: pokes, anti-airs, knockdowns, overheads, reversals, etc.

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Super Fireball Battle – Deleted Scenes and Extended Cuts

February 11th, 2011 7 comments

As a long-overdue gift to everyone for helping me reach over 5000 u2b subscribers (and close to 100 twitter followers!), here’s an exclusive look at nearly every source clip that i prepared for last year’s massive sh/f Super Fireball Battle collaboration. Most of them were either unused or trimmed to suit the tempo of the composition. Now you can watch them in full for the first time, without any legitimate editing skills getting in the way.

sh/f Super Fireball Battle – Deleted Scenes and Extended Cuts

As a matter of fact, i wasn’t planning on releasing any of these clips, but this milestone caught me by surprise. By the time i noticed how close i was to 5000 subs, there wasn’t enough time to get anything ready – especially since i was already falling behind on SF4 TACV episodes.

Hopefully this small token of gratitude will suffice. Thank you all!

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