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Etc Spotlight: Continue? with Greg and Brett

March 7th, 2012 No comments

Two months ago, Greg Gertmenian and Brett D. Bayonne of Chubby Boy Productions launched a fundraising campaign for their follow-up to Balrog: Behind the Glory – a new short film about Vega entitled Matador. As some of you may have noticed, that fundraising campaign recently ended unsuccessfully.

I suppose it wasn’t meant to be, but i can’t help feeling a little disappointed – only because the script they showed me was outstanding. I can only hope they get another opportunity to make the film a reality someday. However, there is a silver lining here:

Continue? Episode 9 | Episode 8 | Episode 7

Continue? is a ten-episode web series starring Greg and Brett themselves, with three episodes released on the CBF u2b channel so far. The first one covers the premise and inception of the show, the second episode hits the ground running with some hilarious storytelling, and the third is essentially their reaction to the end of the Matador campaign.

Each installment will count down the clock until it reaches zero, at which point they will reevaluate if it’s worth continuing any further. So if you like the series and want to see it extended beyond ten episodes, please take a minute to show your support by subscribing to their channel or following @ChubbyBoyFilms on twitter.

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FGC Soap Opera, Episode 391

March 4th, 2012 10 comments

Well this was a profoundly disappointing week, but i think it’s time to move on. People known for being rude were rude, reality show nonsense happened on a reality show, boys-not-men on the internet have no manners, and modern news media gets paid to stir up controversy.

Obviously the fighting game community has some growing up to do. We ought to accept the challenge because it’s the right thing to do, not because it matters what sponsors or gaming journalists think of us. It’s fun to hear top players talking trash, but we can all tell when lines are being crossed. If you see it happening in front of you, do something about it.

Being an instigator is easy, but you get nothing out of it. Anyone can be a stream monster. Acting as the voice of reason is far more difficult, but infinitely more rewarding.

Will the entertainment district of the internet ever become politically correct? Probably not. Online forums and anonymous chatrooms are always going to stay a little sketchy, so there’s no need to champion the fighting game community’s right to be grimy.

Let’s be honest – the FGC tournament scene will probably never turn squeaky clean, so it’s important to pick your battles. Just don’t forget or ignore where the real lines are drawn and don’t be afraid to speak up if someone goes too far. That’s all anyone’s asking of us.

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