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PASBR Promising Combo Fragments

January 29th, 2013 10 comments

For those you interested in making elaborate month-three combovids for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, here’s a list of naunaces that may be worth exploring.

    Platform Ledge Sweep
The reaction type caused by Kratos’ D+Square actually animates beyond the time it takes to reach the ground. Sweeping an opponent off a platform ledge gives you a few extra frames to juggle them before they air tech. I’m sure someone can find a clever use for this bit of minutia!

    Post-Stagger Meaty Setups
Heavy stagger reactions tend to force opponents low to the ground – stagger kneel (caused by Sweet Tooth’s j.Square) and stagger drop (caused by Sir Daniel’s j.F+Square). Therefore both can serve as convenient mid-combo meaty setups for high attacks and projectiles.

    Ceiling Bounce Followups
On stages with solid ceilings such as Dojo and Invasion, it’s possible to launch an opponent into a sort of ceiling splat reaction, providing an added followup opportunity as they peel off the ceiling. Certain characters can even add extra eject attacks to their air combos.

    Multi-Victim Combos
Since multi-victim combos yield diminishing returns for AP accrual, it takes a few extra hits for additional opponents to reach the infinite avoidance limit. As such, it’s possible to perform longer combos against secondary and tertiary victims.

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