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Week-One Combos: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

September 22nd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Not entirely sure what possessed me to do this but it turned out more or less sort of okay:

Every clip was recorded within the bland Simulator Disc training facility, so don’t worry about plot spoilers. During the Basic Training tutorial stage, enemies are immune to (nearly) all kinds of damage except whatever’s listed in the prompt. This is useful because it’s hard to set up camera angles for combos in 3D games. Another benefit to the tutorial is that your teammates (usually) keep quiet so you don’t have to worry about them killing your punching bags.

If anyone wants to try these combos, i’ve written out the Xbox 360 commands below. That’s the version i used, but i doubt the PS3 version is any different, aside from the button labels.

The stamina meter drains as usual but Basic Training provides infinite lifebar and fusion gauge. However, the only time i used more than two fusions in one sequence was when i had the Fusion Star team boost equipped, which gives you an additional stock as you can see by the modified icon on the bottom right.

A -> A -> A xx LB, A -> B -> B, A -> A -> B, B (fully charged), jump B, A -> B -> A, vertical double-jump B (fully charged), A, A, A -> A xx X -> A -> A -> A, hold LB

RT+A -> RT+A, RT+Y, RT+B (one hit) xx LB, RT+B xx fwd+LB, RT+X, RT+B xx LB, RT+A, vertical double-jump, swing, B (fully charged)

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Invisible Woman/Jean Grey/Storm/Ms. Marvel
IW:RT+Y, MM:RT+Y, S:RT+A, IW:RT+A, JG:RT+B, IW:RT+X (charged), MM:RT+B, MM:B (charged)

Thor/Jean Grey/Iceman/Human Torch
I:RT+B, HT:RT+X, T:RT+X, JG:RT+Y, T:RT+Y xx LT+B, JG:RT+B, T:A -> B -> B

Thor/Invisible Woman/Songbird/Venom
(Thor+Venom fusion, Songbird+Venom fusion, Songbird+Invisible Woman fusion)

In case it’s unclear, i’ve used conventional Street Fighter notation to keep everything concise. A few of these combos utilize block-canceling and dodge-canceling, both performed using the LB button. Every instance is noted in the transcripts above, because it’s not always visible when it happens. In fact it doesn’t even trigger the prompt condition when Gambit uses it in the middle of his combo, but block-canceling shortens his AAA chain recovery period a lot.

You can also use LB to cancel fusions, but i didn’t need to do that in this video. Plus it tends to look kind of awkward and ugly. Luckily i managed to find other ways to combo fusions.

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  1. fullmetalross
    September 25th, 2009 at 11:39 | #1

    So who can break out of combos and stuff like that? I assume with most beat-em ups boss’ can just avoid hit stun and such? I wish beat-em ups were more like fighting games with really complete fighting engines without things that ignore the rules. The of course we all know even in fighting games the computer likes to ignore the rules. Like the time I was playing cvs 1 and sakura through two super fireballs on the screen at once. Dirty computer.

  2. September 29th, 2009 at 13:29 | #2

    Most of the bosses can’t be thrown or launched, but some of the sub-bosses can. It’s pretty much arbitrary, since many of the boss characters are playable characters. The plot is based on Marvel’s Civil War storyline so you have to choose a side and then you fight other heroes.

    Some types of attacks affect even bosses, like lightning stagger and certain cold effects. They have unlisted resistances and randomly break out of it though.

    Anyway i’m using a pretty loose definition of “combo” in this video. It’s mostly just attack strings. For instance in that last clip, it’s only a combo against one of the robots. Venom’s rock bounces one of the robots right next to Songbird and her bubble kills him in the middle of his wakeup animation, so i’m counting that as a combo. The rest of the robots are walking around at that point so it’s not really a combo against them. The entire Spider-Man combo is inescapable due to web stun and knockdowns, but there are some gaps in the Gambit combo.

    Dude i’ve never heard of that CvS1 Sakura thing. You should definitely test it cuz it might lead to something cool.

    January 2nd, 2010 at 18:46 | #3

    nice job on the spidey combo Maj, i liked that game but first one was a bit better i thought, more juggles and certain powers kept enemies in the air(Human Torch, Fireballs) so it had a lot of combo potential!!!

  4. January 2nd, 2010 at 20:07 | #4

    Thank you sir. Yeah i liked the first one better too, partly because it had a better playable cast and because i liked the story much better. Marvel’s Civil War seemed really cool on paper but went nowhere and ended terribly. Even though the video game does a much better job of resolving the conflict than the comics did, it’s still kinda bland.

    Though i liked the cutscenes in MUA2 a lot – the way they created instantly recognizable silhouettes of each character was very stylish. Then again MUA1 had dope cutscenes too, especially the Nightcrawler one and the introduction of Galactus. I wish they had followed up the Galactus story in MUA2 instead of wasting it on a throwaway line of Thor dialogue.

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