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SF4 Screenshot Special: Approaching Bloody Asymptote

March 25th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Whoever comes up with the best title for the Vega vs Balrog image up top gets to choose the next featured SF4 Biweekly TACV character after Gen’s episode! As always, the rules are one entry per person and i’ll choose my favorite on Monday.


SF4 Vega’s Bloody High Claw ultra targets the wall behind Balrog as he executes his LK Dash Low Smash, resulting in both characters’ attacks facing the same direction.


SF4 Blanka’s Lightning Cannonball ultra arcs under Honda’s jump, who then dashes forward and charges LK Sumo Smash while Blanka rolls in place. Blanka releases as Honda takes off.


SF4 Rose whiffs LP Soul Throw behind Chun Li after jumping over her LK Senretsukyaku super.


SF4 Dan dashes forward as Dan dashes backward – both fleeing from danger on the left.

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