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Sonic Hurricane Combo DVD Update

It’s been roughly two months since the initial announcement, so a quick update is in order. As of SF4 TACV 12, i’ve gone through 17 of the game’s 25 characters. I still intend to record a small handful of extra combos for those early characters, but that shouldn’t take too long.

However, it no longer seems likely that i can finish this by Evo2k10 in July, which doesn’t necessarily feel like a bad thing. In all honesty, i had some serious reservations about trying to sell anything at Evo. I know it’s gotten huge and has all these major sponsors now, but to me Evo still feels like our main community gathering – by the players, for the players. It just wouldn’t feel right for me to try to make money there.

By the way, i happen to be working on a couple of projects for Evo itself, so i’ll need to focus my attention on those in the short term. I know you guys will love what we have in store, assuming we can manage to get everything done right.

Immediately after Evo, i’ll go back to work on wrapping up the remaining SF4 characters for the DVD, giving it the extra time it deserves. I’m sorry for making you guys wait, but my main goal is making sure nobody is dissatisfied with the end product. I want it to be as good as i can possibly make it.

Incidentally, a couple of people have e-mailed me inquiring about the “Random Footnotes!” bullet point written on the banner. I definitely want to include as much information as i can on the DVD itself, either through subtitles or text files, or a combination of both.

At the very least, expect basic descriptive info like when each video was produced/released, what the original soundtrack was (for any copyrighted music that i have to replace), and so on. Combo transcripts probably won’t work as subtitles but i might give it a shot anyway if there’s time. I have one other idea regarding transcripts, but it’s kind of complicated so i’ll explain it in a later update. From here on out, i’ll try to post a progress report every couple of weeks to let you all know how everything’s going.

Once again for anyone who wants to preorder a copy, it’s $15 plus $5 shipping for orders in the US or Canada, or $10 for international shipping.

And i just want to say thanks once again to everyone who already preordered a copy. I can’t say how much i appreciate your individual show of support. It really means a lot on a personal level, whether or not this whole thing ends up being a successful venture.

update: Due to a combination of personal and legal reasons, the DVD had to be canceled. Please read the formal announcement for more information.

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  1. Arc
    June 12th, 2010 at 11:34 | #1

    Its all good. Do what you need to do. I’m sure everyone can wait.

  2. NA
    June 12th, 2010 at 12:50 | #2

    I finally registered just to say that’s totally fine. I’m happy you got my money, and the wait will only make the DVD cooler.

  3. June 12th, 2010 at 17:05 | #3

    Thank you sirs. I’ll try to get the SF4 Honda/Blanka TACV episode done before Evo, but it’s looking like even odds at best right now. Depends on how quickly we can tie up these Evo projects.

  4. September 6th, 2011 at 22:20 | #4

    Due to a combination of personal and legal reasons, the DVD had to be canceled. Please read the full announcement for more information.

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