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CV Spotlight: jchensor’s GGXXAC Johnny Combovid

As i’m sure Guilty Gear fans have noticed, style exhibition v.one features two GGXXAC Johnny combos courtesy of jchensor. As it happens, both clips were originally part of a much larger batch, now compiled into a new video.

“Go Johnny Go!” – A GGXX Accent Core Johnny Combo Video

If you take a look at the dates listed at the end, there’s a three-year gap between the initial recording date and when these clips finally saw the light of day. The story behind that is they were given to an editor three years ago, but he kind of disappeared.

With the deadline for Evo2k10 looming, i asked jchensor if we could use a couple of these combos in our project. He agreed, so we picked out two of the more stylistically-oriented ones and they fit perfectly. Since everyone seemed to like them at Evo, he’s released the full set. Even after all this time, i think they still stand up well – and the music is a perfect match.

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  1. Rufus
    July 26th, 2010 at 06:15 | #1

    I like jchensor’s taste in music. Seems like rock and combo videos go well together.

  2. July 27th, 2010 at 07:33 | #2

    Well, part of the reason it worked this time is because he turned the music volume way up, to the point where it almost drowns out the game. And the game itself has kind of a mellow sound to it because it’s more slashes than solid hits.

    Rock music is usually great for pacing, keeping up the energy and such. But it’s really hard to find a balance where you can hear the game sound effects without killing the lyrics. Speaking of which, it helps to have an instantly recognizable song where the viewer can automatically fill in the blanks when game sounds interfere with the music.

    Of course the flipside of that coin is nobody likes overplayed music. Personally i like using obscure music whenever i can, although i have to admit i don’t always get it right.

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