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Evo2k11 Retrospective

August 15th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Another year, another awesome Evo experience in the rear-view mirror. It was an incredibly fun event as always, but particularly draining and exhausting this time around. Two weeks have gone by since Evo2k11 wrapped up – and in all honesty, i’m still recovering.

Somehow i managed to catch some nasty cold/flu bug (aka Evola, as jchensor calls it) which has taken its sweet time burning through my system. Having three meals and an energy bar over a 96-hour period with under fifteen hours of sleep probably didn’t help matters.

I’m not proud of that rookie mistake, but there was a lot to take care of during Evo weekend and throughout the day after i drove home. In hindsight, it’s probably a minor miracle that both the DAMAGE exhibition v.one and Balrog: Behind the Glory premieres went off without a hitch. Huge thanks to everyone involved with those projects for actually making them happen; although hopefully we won’t have to cut it so close next time.

The tournament itself was amazing as usual. There were countless clutch moments, upsets, comebacks, and unbelievably creative gameplay tactics on display. The SSF4AE top 8 lineup was surprising, but every single one of those players proved they belong. How crazy is it that Yun didn’t make top 3 and that there was only one mirror match in the whole top 8 bracket?

Witnessing Viscant finally winning Marvel at Evolution had to be the highlight of the weekend for me though. In my opinion, it was the best possible result. Everyone in the community respects that guy and he’s been a legitimate contender since the MvC1 era. Literally every oldschool player was cheering him on, and he came through in decisive fashion.

He certainly didn’t have an easy bracket either. He had to go through JWong and PR Balrog, clearly the two strongest challengers in the field on Sunday. Viscant beat them both rather convincingly. He was undoubtedly the best MvC3 player on the planet for the weekend of Evo2k11. Putting aside the fervent Phoenix hate, how can anyone argue that point?

Look, we’re talking about a CvS2 K-Geese/Yamazaki/Hibiki player here. He mained Blanka in SF4 and Dee Jay in SSF4. Personally, i’m proud of Viscant for not limiting himself with awful character choices like he always does. He believed Phoenix was the best option in MvC3 and he proved himself to be the overall best player with her.

It was not a fluke and Phoenix isn’t an automatic win button. This weekend’s Sin City Heat tournament had one Phoenix in top 4 who ended up placing third, and she never even went Dark. When things go wrong for Phoenix, they go all the way wrong in a hurry.

I’ve said before that adopting an underpowered fan-favorite character is a pretty reliable way to become famous in this community. That’s all well and good, but we’re seeing an alarming trend of sponsored players getting a little too image-conscious.

Everyone seems to agree that Fei Long and Yun are the best characters in SSF4AE. Can you name the top Yun or Fei Long player in America? Why is everyone suddenly backing away from the consensus strongest characters in the game? Is it just to look cool? Why doesn’t Japan seem to have this problem?

These are intriguing questions, and i look forward to watching their answers unfold as players settle into SSF4AE, and as MvC3 continues to evolve until UMvC3 arrives. If nothing else, the “Phoenix experiment” has been fascinating to observe. She should probably be weakened slightly for UMvC3, but i hope the game doesn’t lose its aggressive edge.

Last but not least, i want to thank everyone on Evo staff for hosting yet another memorable event and somehow setting the bar even higher. And thanks to everyone who attended for bringing the energy and the hype! See you all next year.

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  1. September 28th, 2011 at 07:13 | #1

    What happened at SBO? Somehow i missed the news/results completely.

  2. Tarnish
    September 28th, 2011 at 21:16 | #2


    SSF4AE 2v2
    1st – Kazunoko (Yun) / Ojisan Boy (Yang)
    2nd – Nemo (Yang) / Kyabetsu (Viper)
    3rd – Michael Tan (Ken) / Hashigashira San (Yun)

    Super Turbo 3v3
    1st – Oka Fei (Fei Long) / ShootingD (Ryu) / Seki (DeeJay)
    2nd – Arg (Vega) / Otochun (Chun Li) / Gunze (Zangief)
    3rd – Keshin (Chun Li) / YuuVega (Bison) / Yoshimura (Dhalsim)

  3. September 28th, 2011 at 23:57 | #3

    SSF4AE results seem pretty random, but i haven’t been following too closely lately. I’m happy for ShootingD though. What was he outspoken about?

  4. Tarnish
    September 29th, 2011 at 09:03 | #4


    I couldn’t make out what he was saying. He just spoke a lot and very fast… it just surprised me that he had such a, seemingly, dynamic personality compared to some of the folks doing the best 4 team interviews.

    Gunze was hilarious. About halfway through the interviews, he started walking behind players and making faces into the camera.

  5. September 30th, 2011 at 06:25 | #5

    Maybe ShootingD was just emotional after winning. I know he’s been considered an elite player for a while – arguably the best SSF2T Ryu player in Japan – but has he ever won SBO before?

  6. Tarnish
    September 30th, 2011 at 21:36 | #6

    This was before the top 4 teams played, but he just seemed very focused. I am also convinced that Mattsun is, in fact, Ken. When ARG said he wanted to represent after his friend MAO lost, Mattsun said something to the effect of “Oh I just beat that guy.”

  7. Tarnish
    September 30th, 2011 at 21:37 | #7


    And as far as I know, no he hasnt.

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