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                 - Archived Entry -

06.28.2004 - CvS2 Eagle Multiple Super Projectile Reflect
(originally posted without multimedia at on 02.25.2004)

Game Version: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001

There was a pretty funny SRK thread a little while ago where a player named Vigilante8 explained how he accidentally discovered that Eagle's projectile reflect simultaneously affects all of the individual projectiles comprising Kyosuke's special and super fireballs. I had thought of reflecting Kyosuke's special fireball so i knew that worked, but i'd never tested the super version. It looks pretty crazy, does an insane amount of damage, and inflicts a lot of Stun damage too.

Each reflected spark causes 1,400 damage and 14 Stun. On counterhit, each causes 1,680 damage and 16 Stun. If more than five reflected sparks connect, combo meter damage reduction comes into play. The sixth reflected spark does 1,341 damage normally and 1,609 damage on counterhit. Stun damage is not affected by the combo meter. It actually takes a while to get Kyosuke's pitiful Stun limit up to the point where he can take all six hits before getting Dizzy. Reflected projectile base damage can be changed by all standard CvS2 damage modifiers, such as character ratios, super meter types, and vitality levels. Since they all connect simultaneously, counterhit damage and Stun bonuses amplify every spark. Furthermore, all can collide with an airborne opponent via a simultaneous hit juggle.

So i messed with Kyosuke a little more and discovered that Yamazaki is the only other character who can do the same thing, except since he absorbs and recreates the fireballs from scratch, he always makes just one and it does standard damage.

The weirdest part is that Eagle's reflect doesn't work on other super fireballs. It doesn't even reduce their hit count like all other projectile reflects do.

I tried reflecting Morrigan's MP fireball using Eagle's HP reflect from full screen and having Morrigan superjump straight up to throw a lvl1 air super fireball so that it meets with the reflected fireball. This way it becomes a one-hit super fireball. But Eagle can't reflect that. And he always gets hit by it too. Other projectile reflects could have nullified that one hit of the super fireball.

Against Kyosuke's multiple fireballs, all projectile reflect moves other than Eagle's and Yamazaki's seem to be able to either reflect one of the fireballs to neutralize another one, or to reflect one and get hit by the others. Projectile nullify moves such as Bison's Psycho Vanish only nullify one of the sparks and get hit by the rest.

cvs2fbreflect01.jpg (320x240, 58 KB, JPG)
cvs2fbreflect01.wmv (0:13, 1,256 KB, WMV9)