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                 - Archived Entry -

05.24.2004 - CvS2 Tech Reversal Sonic Hurricane
(originally posted without multimedia at on 01.23.2004)

Game Version: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001

By now, probably everyone has seen Sai-Rec's Akuma beam super. It is done using the Tech Throw Reversal Glitch. Either Akuma or his opponent perform a throw, the one on the receiving end techs it, and both perform a Reversal attack. Akuma of course performs a super fireball and if his opponent is another Akuma performing a Raging Demon or Kim performing a rush super, Akuma's super fireball multiplies and it looks like a crazy MvC2 beam super. This works with both regular Akuma and Shin Akuma, and probably a bunch of other characters, but Akuma's super fireball is the slowest in the game so i'm sure nobody else can get as many hits out of it.

So i've been trying to perform a similar setup/glitch/combo with Guile's Sonic Hurricane and haven't yet had any luck. The problem is that Guile's Sonic Hurricane stays where it is formed, and Akuma's Raging Demon lasts too long and moves too far forward to get hit. So i've tried several other likely Reversals against the Reversal Sonic Hurricane to try to create a similar effect. By likely Reversals, i mean those which cause projectile multiplication in other cases such as turning Rolento's three-hit Steel Rain super into a 24-hit (or whatever) Steel Tropical Storm. Nothing's worked, and i've basically given up, but i figured i'd write down my findings here in case i ever decide to try some more.

Reversal Sonic Hurricane vs Reversal Akuma Raging Demon causes a crazy multiple-superfreeze to happen to Guile, but Akuma pushes himself out of the Sonic Hurricane's reach as the Raging Demon whiffs. Since the Sonic Hurricane is stationary, it's impossible to tell if there's only one there or if there are layers of Sonic Hurricanes.

Reversal Sonic Hurricane vs Reversal Kim rush super causes the same crazy multiple-superfreeze, but the duration of the super is shorter than that of the Raging Demon, so Kim stays within effective Sonic Hurricane range. Unfortunately, nothing out of the ordinary seems to happen and Kim takes the usual twelve hits. It's probable that nothing exciting would happen in Akuma's case either, had the Sonic Hurricane connected.

Reversal Sonic Hurricane vs Reversal Zangief Final Atomic Buster simply causes Gief to whiff, drains three levels of Guile's meter, and causes him to sort of freeze up for a second or two until everything returns to normal. Reversal Sonic Hurricane vs Reversal Iori QCB+K running grab and Reversal Yamazaki headbutt command grab have the same effect.

Reversal Sonic Hurricane vs Reversal Honda Ochio and Reversal Honda 720 both result in a normal Sonic Hurricane with normal superfreeze animations. The exception is that as soon as Honda is finished with whichever command grab he performed, Guile recovers instantly and is free to move and attack. Honda gets caught in the Sonic Hurricane and gets hit the normal twelve times. So this makes a pretty good setup for a Sonic Hurricane interrupt combo, except without Guile needing to recover from whatever move was used to knock him free before he can attack. That means an extra jab or something. Reversal Sonic Hurricane vs Reversal Zangief SPD has the same effect.

Reversal Sonic Hurricane vs Reversal Yamazaki anti-air super is the most interesting case. First, it causes Guile to have a crazy breakdancing superfreeze animation. Then the Sonic Hurricane appears and Yamazaki does his jump except takes Guile along the same arc without doing any damage or performing any hits. Yamazaki's super ends as soon as they come back down to the ground. The crazy part is that the Sonic Hurricane is at about Yamazaki's head level (from the beginning). It doesn't start hitting until Yamazaki and Guile land, because both are invincible until then. So it does its full twelve hits against the standing Yamazaki, but only if this was all performed with Guile's back to the corner - otherwise Yamazaki takes himself out of range. Unfortunately, aside from looking crazy and the Sonic Hurricane being high enough for most characters to walk under, nothing different happens - same number of hits, same damage. Reversal Sonic Hurricane vs Reversal Vice jump grab super causes pretty much the same airborne effect, except the Sonic Hurricane is at normal height so it's nothing special really.

That's about it. The only other notable thing is that on a number of occasions, while simply trying to perform a Reversal Sonic Boom to test the Training Mode Dummy's Reversal, Guile performed a Sonic Hurricane. So i only charged DB, then pressed DB+HP to tech the throw, then pressed F+LP. A similar thing happened once with his Flash Kick - he performed a Somersault Justice when all i did was charge DB, then press DB+HP to tech the throw, then press U+HK. This would suggest that there's some crazy side-switching going on inside at least a few certain throws, or possibly all of them. That must be what makes performing Reversal charge supers after a throw tech so inconsistent.

All Tech Throw Reversal Glitch results are independent of the Grooves used, the character performing the throw, the use of HP or HK throws, or the throw direction.

cvs2techreversal01.jpg (320x240, 48 KB, JPG)
cvs2techreversal01.wmv (0:08, 813 KB, WMV9)
cvs2techreversal02.jpg (320x240, 51 KB, JPG)
cvs2techreversal02.wmv (0:11, 1,028 KB, WMV9)
cvs2techreversal03.jpg (320x240, 49 KB, JPG)
cvs2techreversal03.wmv (0:04, 513 KB, WMV9)
cvs2techreversal04.jpg (320x240, 47 KB, JPG)
cvs2techreversal04.wmv (0:09, 885 KB, WMV9)
cvs2techreversal05.jpg (320x240, 48 KB, JPG)
cvs2techreversal05.wmv (0:12, 1,148 KB, WMV9)