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                 - Archived Entry -

04.26.2004 - CvS Series Dirt Analysis
(originally posted without multimedia at on 01.16.2004)

Game Versions: Capcom vs SNK / Dreamcast / Japan / 2000
Game Versions: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001

This is really minor, but i wind up trying stuff so many times before i'm convinced it doesn't work that i get bored and pay attention to details such as this. The only reason i'm sharing it is that it's pretty funny that i did notice it.

If you perform Guile's FK super clean, there won't be any dirt kicked up. If you do it sloppily, for instance by kara-canceling one of his MK hopkicks into the FK super, there will be some dirt trails kicked up when superfreeze happens (because his hopkicks leave dirt trails).

CvS2 dirt is actually different from CvS dirt. CvS2 dirt is white and CvS dirt is orange/brown. The other difference is that CvS2 dirt animation doesn't pause when the screen freezes during super activation, but CvS dirt does. There's actually a couple of such effects differences between the two. Another notable difference is that the crazy screen explosions that happen if you win the round with a super move or Finest KO don't turn negative colors in CvS2 if you cause superfreeze, but they do turn negative in CvS.

I can't believe i'm actually posting this. Never gonna hear the end of it ...

cvsvfx01.jpg (320x240, 44 KB, JPG)
cvsvfx01.wmv (0:08, 801 KB, WMV9)
cvs2vfx01.jpg (320x240, 41 KB, JPG)
cvs2vfx01.wmv (0:08, 741 KB, WMV9)