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chibi GuileCvS2 Guile Exhibition (Addendum) - 09.18.2002
performed and edited by Maj (1:30, 9,987 KB, MPG)

CvS2 Guile Exhibition (Addendum) Combo Guide

Game Versions: Capcom vs SNK / Dreamcast / Japan / 2000
Game Versions: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001
Soundtrack: Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up

All combos were performed on a standard Dreamcast pad without any assistance, using the Training Mode Dummy feature whenever an opponent action was necessary. Some of these combos require insanely tight timing, while others are relatively easy to do. This is the case because i was far more interested in getting a good variety of combo concepts across (combo in and out of Counter Attack, having a Taunt in the middle of a combo, creating unique setups for combos, using specific attacks in combos, etc.) than doing a very small number of combos, all of which utilized only Guile's best setup.

CvS2 Guile Exhibition (Addendum) screenshots

Sabre combo
Balrog backdashes and taunts to fill Guile's meter. The interesting thing about this combo is that it's an extended Sonic Hurricane combo not involving a c.MK linked into the Sonic Hurricane, which is tricky and unreliable. This one is actually quite practical.

Clockw0rk combo
The standard A-Groove corner fireball combo, included for its high hit count and for the sake of completeness. The easy way to do this combo is to mash B and F on the controller while mashing on all of the punch buttons, one after the other. This is an old tactic to insure that a special move comes out even if the first button press is timed slightly wrong. This combo can also be used to inflict considerable block damage on a cornered opponent. The best part of this clip is that it's long enough to show the CvS2 bus changing the background umbrellas to arch structures.

Tom Nonaka combo
This setup is more interesting than the combo itself because very little is gained here that could not be accomplished by throwing a Sonic Boom from far away and running, rolling, or superjumping after it. This sort of setup is much more useful in Street Fighter games without these movement options. Note that the first Flash Kick of the lvl2 Somersault Justice hits only three times. My guess is that while there is a portion of that Flash Kick with a juggle potential of four, it occurs during a hit frame that does not change for a relatively long period. By the time the super does progress into the next hit, the opponent is knocked too high for it to connect. Lastly, in order for the final HK Flash Kick to combo, it must be delayed slightly to allow the opponent time to fall into range.

Genghis combo
Preceding the lvl2 Somersault Justice with a knockdown attack launches the opponent very high in the air, giving Guile the necessary time to charge for the lvl1 Somersault Justice following the Sonic Boom juggle. As in the previous combo, the lvl2 Somersault Justice juggles once less than expected, but that's just how this super works in CvS2. Since no elaborate setup was necessary for this combo, Guile's cool-looking vertical jumping HP attack was used as the starter.

ShadyK combo
Teleporting backwards into the Sonic Boom makes it meaty, delaying the hit long enough for the second sweep of Guile's c.HK to come out. The lvl1 Somersault Justice that follows is performed from far away in order to keep the juggle count low so that the lvl2 Somersault Justice can connect. The first Flash Kick of the lvl2 Somersault Justice should hit twice because the juggle count is at two when it is initiated. However, the super only hits once for the same reason that the first Flash Kick of the lvl2 Somersault Justice only hit three times in the previous combos. Interestingly, the HK Flash Kick followup to the juggling lvl2 Somersault Justice performed in the left end of the stage knocks the opponent out of the corner, while keeping the opponent cornered if performed in the right end.

eKiN combo
This combo verifies that the component hits of a simultaneous hit juggle do not register separately towards CvS2's internal juggle count. Following the two-hit combo starter, the lvl3 Somersault Justice juggles for two additional hits. Since the first Flash Kick of the final lvl1 Somersault Justice has a maximum juggle potential of three, the juggle count must be at two after the fourth hit of the combo. Therefore, neither of the first two hits of the combo could have incremented the combo's juggle count because otherwise the juggle count would be too high for the lvl1 Somersault Justice to connect.

Edma combo
In some instances, when a knockdown attack and a projectile connect simultaneously, the knockdown property is lost. This is what happens when Guile's Flash Kick connects simultaneously with one of the hits of his Sonic Hurricane. The lvl3 super continues hitting the grounded opponent while Guile lands and recovers in time to follow up with a lvl1 Somersault Justice. This interesting peculiarity has been present in Capcom fighting game engines since the Street Fighter II series.

Kamui combo
Every single jumping attack in Guile's arsenal is capable of crossing up a crouching Blanka. The first two hits in the clip establish the crossup distance perfectly and the unusual c.MK into c.HP link pushes Blanka far enough away that the final Flash Kick of the lvl3 Somersault Justice only connects three times, therefore juggling only twice. Thus Guile is able to tack on a lvl1 Somersault Justice for two additional juggle hits.

omni combo
Since Zangief's Double Lariat is invincible to fireballs, the leading LP Sonic Boom doesn't connect until immediately after Guile's c.MP attack ends Zangief's special. At this point the pushback from Guile's c.MP is immediately neutralized by the initial Sonic Boom. The second Sonic Boom causes no pushback either, since Zangief is already cornered. Thus, the first instance where Guile is pushed back from Zangief doesn't occur until the fourth hit of the combo. The two light attacks following the Sonic Boom allow Guile to charge for the lvl2 Total Wipeout, which is canceled into another Sonic Boom before the final knockdown hit of the lvl2 super. Another two light attacks are used to rebuild charge for the lvl1 Somersault Justice which wraps up the combo. Special timing is required in order to roll next to Zangief without being knocked away by his Double Lariat. This combo requires Zangief only because of the projectile evasion properties of his Double Lariat attack and not because he is a big character. In fact, omitting the c.MP attack from the opening, this combo can be performed on any character, though two hits of the final lvl1 Somersault Justice may also be lost.

CvS combo
This combo must be performed from almost exactly the specified distance from the corner. The most difficult part of it is performing the second lvl1 Total Wipeout just as the opponent is mere frames from hitting the ground, so that the super manages to juggles twice. Two lvl1 Somersault Justice supers are executed in quick succession immediately after, followed by a momentary charging of SNK Groove meter in order to allow the lvl3 Somersault Justice to be performed. The s.LP attacks connect against Geese at the beginning of the combo because he is the tallest crouching character in CvS. This combo uses the equivalent of seven levels of Capcom Groove meter, which to my knowledge is the record for CvS. The combo won't work in CvS2 because CvS Guile's lvl1 Total Wipeout has a uniform juggle potential of three, his lvl1 Somersault Justice has a uniform juggle potential of six, and his lvl3 Somersault Justice has a uniform juggle potential of ten, all of which are far more potent than their CvS2 counterparts.