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chibi GuileCvS2 Guile Exhibition (Revised) - 04.08.2002
performed and edited by Maj (2:45, 18,317 KB, MPG)

CvS2 Guile Exhibition (Revised) Combo Guide

Game Versions: Capcom vs SNK / Dreamcast / Japan / 2000
Game Versions: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001
Soundtrack: A Fire Inside - Totalimmortal
Anime Source: Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1994)

All combos were performed on a standard Dreamcast pad without any assistance, using the Training Mode Dummy feature whenever an opponent action was necessary. Some of these combos require insanely tight timing, while others are relatively easy to do. This is the case because i was far more interested in getting a good variety of combo concepts across (combo in and out of Counter Attack, having a Taunt in the middle of a combo, creating unique setups for combos, using specific attacks in combos, etc.) than doing a very small number of combos, all of which utilized only Guile's best setup.

CvS2 Guile Exhibition (Revised) screenshots

MrWizard combo
This combo is made possible by an old King of Fighters running charge trick. Once run is initiated, it can be continued without interruption by holding the DF direction. This allows the character to charge in the down direction while moving forward. Special thanks to omni and ChoiBoy for this combo.

SHGLboss combo
While doing this combo with a single Parry is relatively easy, inserting the second Parry makes the timing on it very very tight. In order for it to work, you must wait in the DB position until the last possible instant before performing the first Parry, do the second Parry as soon after the first as possible, and be extremely quick in finishing the command sequence. The reason for this is that while Parry may momentarily postpone the loss of charge, it does not allow you to retain charge indefinitely the way Just Defending does. Therefore, this combo relies on Capcom's large, user-friendly windows for inputting the commands for a special move, but pushes that feature to its limit. Another difficulty in creating this combo lies in working the character side switch into the commands for the combo, which actually winds up simplifying the motion for the Somersault Justice but calls for greater precision in timing in order to properly utilize the side switch.

Xerocrew combo
A very basic combo, but it seemed kinda cool to me to combo into a Counter Attack. There are several ways to accomplish this effect, but i think setting the Training Mode Dummy to always Counter Attack is the easiest and most reliable because it allows Guile to dictate when the Dummy performs its attack instead of having to guess using the Dummy's Record feature.

ChoiBoy combo
This one is probably one of the most difficult combos to perform. It requires an almost exact duplication of the scenario in the video and very tight timing in order to charge the Somersault Justice after performing Guile's Counter Attack. It's much easier to use a lvl2 or lvl3 Somersault Justice than the lvl1 because the lvl1 Somersault Justice has a considerable startup time which makes the charge window even smaller. The long superfreeze from Akuma's lvl3 Tenma Gouzankuu is what makes this combo possible, but Guile must already be charging in the DB position before the superfreeze takes effect in order for this trick to work.

tragic combo
If there was a way to knock the opponent backwards into a Sonic Boom without trading hits, this combo would be much more impressive. Unfortunately even the LP Sonic Boom moves faster than the pushback an opponent normally receives from any of Guile's attacks. Trading hits works because the pushback generated by attacking a cornered Guile augments the pushback Guile's c.HP creates, causing the opponent to reel back approximately 2/3 of the screen and collide with the Sonic Boom. However, there's no way Guile can recover from the opponent's counterhit HP attack and get within striking distance of the opponent before he recovers from the stun caused by the Sonic Boom. Still, i think the first two hits of this combo are very interesting, even if there is no way to add any more (as proven by the Reversal Sonic Hurricane missing).

CaliSean combo
An interesting property of Guile's Flash Kick and Somersault Justice is that his foot creates a hit box behind him during one of the animation frames of the move. In the case of the Somersault Justice, this hit box causes the opponent to reel in the same direction as the other hits of the attack - namely, in the direction Guile is facing. This is why both backwards hits of the lvl2 Somersault Justice connect midscreen and why Guile does not turn around for his lvl1 Somersault Justice. Also take note that the lvl1 Somersault Justice is performed as a standalone super and not a lvl2 super cancel. You can tell because the lvl1 Somersault Justice has lvl1 super shadows and not lvl2 super shadows, which would have been the case with a lvl2 super cancel. This is why the first Flash Kick of the lvl1 Somersault Justice does only two hits instead of three - because each hit of that first Flash Kick has a juggle potential of three and the juggle count is already at one at the end of the lvl2 Somersault Justice.

FlipMeign combo
This showcases an interesting feature of the CvS combo system which has been carried over into CvS2. If an airborne opponent comes into contact with the hit boxes of two different moves at the same exact time, the game system does not choose between the two hits, but rather allows both to connect even if neither possesses any juggle potential. An example of this simultaneous hit juggle occurs when the opponent lands on the LP Sonic Boom and Guile's s.HP (both of which have juggle potentials of zero) at the same time. The following lvl1 Somersault Justice has its own juggle potential.

JackDaFob combo
I taunted mid-combo. I am dope! Taunts are technically considered special moves since you can buffer normal attacks into Taunts. Therefore, all characters can cancel their lvl2 supers into a Taunt, resetting the juggle count to zero and putting the opponent into a free juggle state. Reeling from the lvl2 Total Wipeout, the opponent lands on Guile's LP Sonic Boom, which gives Guile enough time to recover from his Taunt and finish off the combo with a lvl1 Somersault Justice. All four hits of the lvl1 Somersault Justice connect because the juggle count is at zero after the second hit of the combo, the first Flash Kick of the lvl1 Somersault Justice has a juggle potential of three, and the second Flash Kick has a juggle potential of six (but only does one hit because the opponent is too high in the air).

watts combo
This is my favorite setup in the video, despite the fact that it doesn't work. If the hit stun from Guile's lvl1 Total Wipeout was just a little bit longer, the lvl3 Total Wipeout would combo. Unfortunately, since the lvl3 Total Wipeout is done as a Reversal, there just isn't any way to make it come out any earlier. Also, this clip demonstrates the juggle properties of Guile's Somersault Justice super well. In CvS, the lvl1 Somersault Justice had a uniform juggle potential of six, so doing a lvl1 Somersault Justice after a four-hit juggle would give you two more hits. However, the CvS2 version of the super breaks up the juggle potentials into three for the first Flash Kick in the super and six for the second Flash Kick. The second lvl1 Somersault Justice misses entirely because the opponent hits the floor before the second Flash Kick of the super reaches a hit frame. I'm fairly certain this entire combo would work in CvS because Guile's Total Wipeout caused a longer hit stun in that game than it does in CvS2 and both of the lvl1 Somersault Justice supers would juggle in CvS. It just seemed more important to demonstrate all of this information than to do another CvS combo.

Floe combo
The main point of this combo is to put to use Guile's close B+HK and the Chang Tekkyuu Dai Bousou setup. Guile's close B+HK looks cool but is difficult to use in a combo without a Sonic Boom behind him because the attack recovers so slow. Chang's Tekkyuu Dai Bousou super provides a convenient setup for this combo because after having this move blocked, Chang falls flat on the floor, causing a lot of high and mid attacks to whiff over him. Slow moves become meaty and the fact that hitting this super during its recovery rewards you with a counterhit makes it possible for Guile to link his Sonic Hurricane after his B+HK attack using this setup.

waterb0y combo
Meaty c.HP, s.HP is a cool link and utilizing S-Groove dodge to make the c.HP meaty seemed like an interesting enough alternative to the usual knockdown setup to earn a spot in the video. The link pushes the opponent too far for any lvl Somersault Justice to connect so Guile's Sonic Hurricane had to be used. All in all, this damaging combo is one of the few practical ones, especially against opponents who roll or dodge too much.

Ducvader combo
What makes this combo work is Dhalsim's s.LP coming into contact with the hit box of Guile's extended c.HP attack. Since Guile is facing away from Dhalsim, the collision pulls Dhalsim towards Guile instead of pushing him away. The extended hit stun caused by the counterhit, paired with fact that Guile's c.HP was towards the end of its animation when Dhalsim got hit by it result in Guile recovering long before Dhalsim does and being able to continue the combo with a c.LP attack. Even though this combo is totally impractical, it's actually not very difficult to time because Guile's c.HP has a lot of priority and causes a very long hit stun.

CvS combo
A number of Guile's moves were faster (and had more priority) in CvS than they do in CvS2. There is a significant difference in the speed of Guile's lvl1 Total Wipeout between the two games. It does not move forward fast enough or go into its second attack fast enough in CvS2 to hit after Guile's meaty s.HK, s.HP link, but the combo works like a charm in CvS. Also, because Guile's lvl1 Somersault Justice has a uniform juggle potential of six in CvS, it's possible to combo a second lvl1 Somersault Justice in CvS whereas CvS2 only allows for one. Finally, that superjump back LK at the end of the clip was intentional - it was meant for those who forgot why that game sucked.

Viscant combo
The hardest part of this combo is regaining charge in time to do the lvl1 Somersault Justice before Guile gets off the ground to do the second Flash Kick of his lvl2 Somersault Justice. In actuality, the timing is fairly flexible and it's quite possible to accomplish this without using any advanced charge tricks. To be honest, the whole reason i did a revision of this video was because the version of this combo in the first take really annoyed me. I like this one much better.

MIC combo
For some reason, every hit of Guile's Somersault Justice super causes an obscenely long hit stun. Trading hits with Terry's c.MP while cornered allows Guile to land in time to combo into a c.LP off the first hit of the lvl1 Somersault Justice. Additionally, getting hit causes the last bit of his S-Groove gauge to fill, giving him the ability to perform his lvl3 Total Wipeout super. Unlike the lvl1 Total Wipeout, the lvl3 Total Wipeout recovers in time for Guile to follow it up with a lvl1 Somersault Justice. It is interesting to note that while inputting B+LK usually causes Guile to perform his lunging Knee Bazooka attack, this is not the case while Guile is in the middle of a rapid fire weak attack. For more detailed information on this phenomenon, see the CvS2 Game Mechanics Discussion article.

sicdic combo
Guile's Sonic Hurricane has the unique property of behaving like a stand-alone projectile when an opponent gets hit by it, even though by default it is a stationary projectile linked to Guile. Therefore, if an opponent somehow trades hits with this super, the Sonic Hurricane continues hitting the opponent up to its maximum of twelve hits even though Guile has lost his link with the projectile and is free to move and attack. This combo makes use of this attribute to add on a full lvl1 Somersault Justice to the middle of Guile's Sonic Hurricane super.

scan combo
Utilizing the property described above, the nature of the K-Groove meter system, and the most powerful grounded one-hit super in the game, it is possible to link together two Sonic Hurricane supers in a legitimate combo. In order for Guile's and Haohmaru's supers to trade hits, they must be performed simultaneously, and in order for Guile to stay close enough for the second Sonic Hurricane to connect, the setup must begin with Guile cornered. Also, the combo will usually not work unless the second Sonic Hurricane is performed as a Reversal.

CaliPower combo
This combo is cool because it looks like a chain combo from SFA. More importantly, it demonstrates an interesting property of projectiles in CvS2. Normally, any hit that connects with an opponent either pushes the opponent away or pushes your character away if the opponent is cornered. This is not the case with projectiles. Hitting an opponent with a projectile never pushes your character back, even if the opponent is cornered. In addition, if your projectile connects while your character is being pushed back from a cornered opponent because of an attack your character performed, this pushback is negated. While all of the links in this combo are naturally available to Guile, the entire combo would not be possible without the negation of the pushback from Guile's c.MK attack.

Dishes combo
Guile's extensive arsenal of links allows him to combo his opponent with normal attacks until he is able to gain the charge necessary to perform a damaging super. Without this ability, the best ender to this setup would be a simple c.LP, c.LP xx Flash Kick combo using the running charge trick. In fact, there are several possible links Guile could use instead of the one in the video in order to combo his Sonic Hurricane. For example, c.MK, c.LP, s.MP and c.LK, c.LP, c.MP both work. Furthermore, it's sufficient to use Guile's c.MP, c.MP and c.MK, c.MP links if the Sonic Hurricane is comboed as a link after the second attack. The setup itself to this combo is made possible by Guile's quick recovery from his Sonic Boom special and his fast run speed. Guile's LP Sonic Boom actually dissipates after traveling a little less than full stage distance, so if Guile's run speed was a little slower or his LP Sonic Boom a little faster, this combo would not have been possible.

djLiKu combo
This combo starts off as one Guile has had since his introduction as a character. The c.MK into Sonic Hurricane link is what makes it interesting and worthwhile. However, this link should come as no surprise. Guile has always had the ability to link his c.MK into his c.LP and c.MP attacks. His Sonic Hurricane has less startup time than either of those two, so it's logical to assume that his c.MK would link into the Sonic Hurricane. The ability to perform that link gives Guile the time to rebuild his charge after using it up to do the second Sonic Boom in the combo. The incredible instant range of the Sonic Hurricane allows it to connect after a full-range c.MK attack.

CrackPr0n combo
I felt that i should put at least one A-Groove Custom Combo in this video, so i made one up that seemed stylish to me. Guile doesn't have any moves that lend themselves extremely well to Custom Combos the way that Bison and Rugal do. He doesn't even have an impressive midscreen Custom Combo. But from a game balance perspective, there's a good enough reason for that to justify these limitations. It is worthwhile to note that while in Custom Combo mode, there are two ways to execute s.HP xx Flash Kick. You can either use the usual D, s.HP, U+K or the Custom Combo exclusive s.HP, D, U+K method. Both will work because Guile does not need to charge in order to perform his specials and supers while in Custom Combo mode.

jchensor combo
The delayed Sonic Boom hit gives Guile enough time to finish the first part of his c.HK and go on to the second hit before his opponent recovers. Guile has very little recovery after that hit, so he is able to link a lvl1 Somersault Justice to finish off the combo. Essential to this combo is the fact that the first hit of Guile's c.HK does not have as much range as the second, so with correct spacing it's possible to make the first part whiff while the second connects. The followup combo, s.MK xx Flash Kick, was put in simply because i like Guile's close s.MK (or as Viscant calls it, the "Nazi kick").

omni combo
In all honesty, i don't like 90% of A-Groove Custom Combos i see in combo videos simply because i think the CvS2 Custom Combo system is far too flexible and free-form. If there were more restrictions on what you could and could not do, i would be have a lot more respect for them. Don't get me wrong - i think very highly of anyone that pulls off a dope Custom Combo at an arcade. I just don't think they deserve to be in combo videos as much as SFA3 Variable Combos did. That's why i thought it would be cool to do an impressive combo against Rolento with A-Groove Guile without using any meter. Moreover, i wanted to do a Dizzy combo without superfreeze ever happening. It's important to note that in order for the opponent to get Dizzy, the combo must start with counterhit and the j.HP must connect before the Sonic Boom. This is because the counterhit Dizzy bonus on the j.HP is two while the counterhit bonus on the Sonic Boom is only one, and every Dizzy point in this combo is necessary to reach Rolento's sixty point limit.