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chibi GuileCvS2 Lvl2 Cancel Extended Juggle - 10.28.2002
performed and edited by Maj (0:48, 2,860 KB, WMV8)

CvS2 Lvl2 Cancel Extended Juggle Guide

Game Version: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001

Without a doubt the biggest mysteries in CvS2 since their introduction by Mem and Sai-Rec, lvl2 cancel juggles can finally be explained thoroughly. The CvS2 Lvl2 Cancel Extended Juggle article provides everything needed to understand this glitch. This video demonstrates and elaborates on the principles discussed in the article. All combos were performed on a standard Dreamcast pad without any assistance, using the Training Mode Dummy feature whenever an opponent action was necessary.

CvS2 Lvl2 Cancel Extended Juggle screenshots

Sai-Rec vs Mem combo
Designed to demonstrate the flexibility of lvl2 cancel extended juggles, this combo deviates as far from the Sai-Rec mold as possible. Kim performs a straightforward jump-in combo into his lvl2 Phoenix Flattener (QCB, HCF + K) canceled during recovery into a HK Spirit of Conquest Kick (D, D + K) with the button held down. Ryo neither safe falls not attempts to avoid neutral states upon getting up, showing that the lvl2 cancel extended juggle glitch does not depend at all on the opponent's actions. Kim kara-cancels his alternate stance LP attack into the HK Spirit Kick several times to advance towards to Ryo. Once within range, Ryo dashes into one of these LP attacks, which is canceled into the lvl1 Phoenix Flattener. The air reeling Ryo is put into a jugglabe state, allowing the lvl1 super to combo. As expected, the lvl1 Phoenix Flattener has no shadows. Since the alternate stance LP attack is not a knockdown attack, Ryo must be close to Kim and very low to the ground for the relatively slow lvl1 Phoenix Flattener to reach Ryo before he flips out in the air. As proven here, neither Kim's Phoenix Kick Tornado (QCF, QCF + K) nor connecting with the Spirit Kick are necessary to produce lvl2 cancel extended juggles.

TacoChan vs ShadyK combo 1
Probably the most simple use of lvl2 cancel extended juggling, this combo demonstrates juggling with Sakura's Shunpu Renkyaku (QCB + K -> QCB + K) after a lvl2 cancel. The combo begins with Sakura's HP Hadoushou (QCF + P), interrupted by Akuma's c.LP attack. Sakura recovers in time to perform a lvl2 Shinkuu Hadouken (QCF, QCF + P), juggling as soon as the first hit dissipates and the super progresses into its second hit, which has inherent juggle potential. The super is canceled into her HK Shunpu Renkyaku and since the followup to this attack is a qualifying cancel, it juggles as well.

TacoChan vs ShadyK combo 2
An interesting twist on the previous combo, this clip starts with the most famous Sakura combo in CvS2 and leads into the lvl2 Haru Ichiban (QCB, QCB + K), which is canceled into Sakura's HK Shunpu Renkyaku. The command for the followup to this special move can be inputted at any point during the downward arc of the Shunpu Renkyaku, and the qualifying cancel actually happens as soon as the command is performed. Since the cancel which resets the juggle potential and creates a new juggle opportunity occurs before the Shunpu Renkyaku is finished animating, the final hit of the move connects, making the followup attack whiff since it possesses no juggle potential of its own.

NataS_hA vs waterb0y combo
For all intents and purposes, this combo is the direct equivalent of the first Mem Ryo combo utilizing this glitch, with Chun Li's lvl2 super replacing Ryo's lvl2, Chun Li's lvl3 Hoyokusen (QCF, QCF + K) replacing Ryo's Kyoku Gen Kick Dance (HCB + P), and her HK Hyakuretsukyaku (K rapidly) replacing his Koho (DP + P). Unlike Ryo who has no moves with natural juggle potentials, Chun Li is able to tack on a lvl1 Kikoushou (QCF, QCF + P) at the end of her combo. Notice that the lvl3 super has lvl2 shadows, the superjump following her lvl3 super has no shadows, and her lvl1 super does have shadows but juggles because of its own juggle potential. Since a lvl2 super is needed to initiate the glitch, and only her lvl3 super launches the opponent high enough for her to follow up her j.HK with her Hyakuretsukyaku before the opponent flips out, this combo is Training Mode only. It was included to help demonstrate another example of the lvl2 cancel extended juggle.

Puce vs Viscant combo
Hibiki performs her lvl2 Heavenly Spirit of Victory (QCB, HCF + P) against an airborne opponent, canceling immediately upon contact into her Piercing Moon Pounce (DP + K) which is canceled into the lvl1 Heavenly Spirit of Victory. Unless the lvl2 super is canceled immediately, Hibiki will go into a long uncancelable animation for the second hit of her super. The Piercing Moon Pounce must be canceled late to allow the opponent to fall into the lvl1 super. Again, due to the lvl2 Heavenly Spirit of Victory having been canceled into a special move and then canceled into a followup super, the lvl1 super move's shadows are eliminated. Canceling the Piercing Moon Pounce into Hibiki's Distance Slash (QCF + P) instead would also have produced an extended juggle scenario. Of course, the Melding Being Blade (HCF + K) at the beginning of the combo is entirely optional.