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chibi GuileCvS2 Kattobi Cancel - 06.24.2002
performed and edited by Maj (0:33, 1,972 KB, WMV8)

CvS2 Kattobi Cancel Guide

Game Version: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001

While not powerful enough to influence gameplay, Kattobi canceling in CvS2 does produce some interesting effects. The CvS2 Kattobi Cancel article explains everything you need to know about this glitch. The video illustrates every instance of the glitch discussed in the article. All combos were performed on a standard Dreamcast pad without any assistance, using the Training Mode Dummy feature whenever an opponent action was necessary.

CvS2 Kattobi Cancel screenshots

Akuma (j.D+MK)
Akuma's divekick Kattobi Cancel causes him to land faster from a jump, allowing him to avoid his opponent's anti-air attacks and counter with a damaging Custom Combo. The two superfreezes look different because the background lightning causes the stage to change colors.

Dhalsim (j.DF+LK)
Dhalsim's drill Kattobi Cancel gives him a more combo-friendly trajectory than the steep arc of his normal jump. The throw registers on the combo meter because the CvS2 Custom Combo system enables direct comboing into throws immediately after deep jump-ins.

Yun (j.DF+HK)
Executing Yun's divekick Kattobi Cancel from a vertical jump allows him to perform his vertical jumping HP attack while moving forward along his divekick trajectory. Yun uses his command throw to continue the combo after his knockdown sweep. It is possible to pick Dan and Rolento up off the ground with any opponent using a normal or command throw while in Custom Combo mode.

Chun Li (DF+HK)
Chun Li uses the Custom Combo Activation invincibility from her flip Kattobi Cancel to pass through Rolento's knives. The combo starts with Chun Li's vertical jumping HK attack and ends with her close s.HK superjump canceled into an air throw. Since she can't block while in Custom Combo mode, Chun Li uses her F+HK attack to avoid Rolento's lvl3 tripwire super.

Guile (s.HK)
Performing Guile's s.HK attack immediately gives him the final bit of super meter necessary to activate his Custom Combo, canceling his s.HK during its startup and leaving Guile airborne. Since Rock is considered airborne for much of his Shine Knuckle attack, Guile is able to perform the only attack fast enough to come out before he lands from the Kattobi Cancel - an air throw. Guile then uses the advancing startup of his s.HK attack to catch Rock with a lvl1 Somersault Justice before Rock recovers from his safe fall. Like my friend omni said, this clip is so overly complicated for no reason.