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chibi GuileCvS2 Random Awkward Craziness - 01.07.2002
performed and edited by Maj (5:07, 18,679 KB, WMV8)

CvS2 Random Awkward Craziness Guide

Game Version: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001
Soundtrack: Benny Goodman - Sing, Sing, Sing

This was my second video release on, this time as a full staff member for the website. It was made five months after the official release of Capcom vs SNK 2, at a time when nobody understood the game very well and everyone had mixed feelings about it. This video is a collection of everything that didn't quite make sense at that point, along with anything that simply didn't look right the first time it happened to anyone. As with the CvS2 Chun Li Strategy Guide Reference, this guide is taken directly from the original thread explaining everything in the video. All combos were performed on a standard Dreamcast pad without any assistance, using the Training Mode Dummy feature whenever an opponent action was necessary.

CvS2 Random Awkward Craziness screenshots


1) Sagat's triple Tiger combo. Sagat can do lvl2 Tiger Cannon xx lvl1 Tiger Cannon from full screen. The opponent doesn't even have to be cornered because being full screen away from someone basically has the same affect as cornering them. I thought that was retarded, so i put a combo in this video to make people try it themselves at home and laugh at how stupid it is.
2) I thought this combo was dope because of how fast it had to be done. Most of my combos showcase something original that i thought was worth noting and since i have to do everything on a DC pad, it's nice when they're short too just so it saves me some time. Not that i get lazy - you try doing that whole kick super sequence in my Chun Li video on a pad!
3) I comboed Zangief's Final Atomic Buster! Dopest six hit combo ever!! And Chang has 80 Dizzy points to boot, that Gief filled in just two hits.
4) This combo is practically a tactic with S-Groove Balrog. Any time Balrog trades hits with this super move, he gets a free followup attack!
5) Fireball Assist combo! I tried doing one with Ryo as well, where he would throw a slow fireball, then run up and do j.HP, s.HP xx lvl3 Gut Punch super. The fireball was going to hit inbetween the s.HP and the super move, making the super combo. But unfortunately, Ryo's fireball only goes one full screen distance and it's already halfway by the time he's free to move.

Counter Attacks

1) Just thought this looked tight. It doesn't have to be done against Chang, but i thought i'd throw a theme in there and have all three members of Team Korea on the screen at once.
2) Bison's Counter Attack, Mega Psycho Crusher combo is straight cheap! Just have a battery character, have Bison enter the game with full meter, break stock, and block something. GGPO!
3) Dhalsim's Counter Attack is a sweep that has a long recovery time, but if you make it trade with something, he has plenty of time to follow it up with his lvl3 Yoga Tempest super. Plus he's got an air Taunt! I had to include that somewhere.
4) For Guile's Counter Attack into lvl2 Somersault Justice, i used the superfreeze provided by Mai's air super move to build charge for Guile's super. Pretty sneaky huh? Not terribly useful though, even though in my opinion Guile has one of the best Conuter Attacks in the game. I tried forever to connect that last Flash Kick, but i guess Mai is just too high in the air to get hit by anything. Still, it was a free cancel so i threw it in there for style points.
5) Both Evil Ryu and Orochi Iori have rediculously powerful and overly easy to use Counter Attacks. But i like Evil Ryu's s.MP -> s.HP chain so i took this opportunity to put it in a video.

Kattobi Cancels

1) Basically, if you want an explanation of what these are, see the Kattobi Cancel feature in the articles page. I'll just explain the added quirks here. Dhalsim's, for example, involves his j.HP followed up by a throw. This actually works for just about everyone, and was kinda cool i thought.
2) Forward moving vertical j.HK looks tight. Don't hate.
3) V-Ryu's Kattobi in A3 has this same effect. This is probably the most useful for matches, but it's still not terribly powerful. Air throws done half an inch off the ground look dope, so that's in there too.
4) The Kattobi aspect of this is fairly mediocre, but the fact that Yun is one of the four characters that can do repeated OTG normal throws in CC makes this combo look really interesting.

Super Fireball Battle

1) Akuma's eight-hit super fireball loses four of its hits to Guile's twelve-hit Sonic Hurricane, so Akuma winds up taking eight hits (12 - 4) and Guile eats four (8 - 4).
2) These two supers, being the exact same, have the same hit rhythms. So they go through their cycles hit by hit and annihilate each other gradually. There's never a hit potential available to hit the other one with, so both fighters are left unharmed.
3) Yang is always invicible, but usually jumps away as soon as Yun is hit. But if he has time to actually hit the opponent, he stays to finish off the combo. This clip took a lot more timing than it looks.
4) Honda's Onimusou super can nullify any fireball and causes insanely long hit stun, but some of the headbutts don't travel that far, which allows for holes in the super that can be punished sometimes.
5) I don't even know why these two super fireballs don't nullify each other, or at least lose some hits, but it's probably my favorite one of the bunch.

Who Needs Dhalsim?

1) No explanation needed. People just have too much range. Eagle's s.HK, s.HP, c.HK attacks.
2) Sagat's whiff s.LP, s.LK, s.HP, s.MK attacks.
3) Rugal's s.MK, whiff s.HP, c.HP, Taunt. Two Rugals taunting looks really cool.

Darkness Illusion Properties

1) Morrigan's Darkness Illusion tracks the opponent in most cases. It's invincible for as long as she has a doppleganger on screen. I think this is in some cases useful to figure out how long a lvl3 super has invincibility. Some get hit right away, while most follow a common guideline, and others stay out for a long time before getting owned.
2) Akuma's teleport is one of the moves that really confuses the tracking on this super, and to show its continued invincibility, i did a lvl3 super back into the Darkness Illusion and got owned for it.
3) Todo's counter super is one of the very few moves that can beat Morrigan's super, but that's probably because it follows a slightly different set of rules than other grabs and hits.
4) Look at the guard bar damage on that!! Guile gets fully guard crushed by three attacks!!

Random Extras

1) I can't believe Blanka's command backdash move has invincibility frames! I think that's just dumb.
2) This just looks funny, and showcases Blanka's ability to jump through the opponent as if they were transparent using his command dash.
3) Did you know that you can retain charge while Just Defending? Pretty cheap huh? I think Jason Cole discovered this.
4) Connecting with s.MP makes Rolento's tripwire super whiff. Probably leftover coding from SFA3, where that super could not be made to combo except using Dizzy.
5) For some reason, during certain frames of the hit stun from the knife super, Rolento's opponent gets planted in the ground and can't be knocked down. Weird ...
6) Air throwing Zangief's lvl3 air throw super is tight.
7) I know nobody appreciated this. Take a closer look. Zangief lands on the Sonic Boom and trades his j.D+HP with Guile's c.HP all at the same time! That's three simultaneous hits. Owned up Mortal Kombat for free!
8) This just makes the game's message tag system go crazy. In one case, Eagle reflects one fireball of the Double Strike to nullify the other. In the second case, Eagle reflects both of them and is rewarded with a Blank Hit Combo, and a Reversal which makes no sense.
9) For some reason, if you hit Maki after she lands from her Counter Attack, she stands there in hit stun for a very short period of time, then falls over. Kyo's offensive c.HK is never supposed to knock down, but it does here. Also, because Maki's hit stun after her Counter Attack can be extended, she still falls over if she's left untouched for a certain amount of time. That's what happens in the second case - too much time passes between the ninth and tenth hits of Kyo's super. Also one other thing to note here. This combo was really hard to do because Kyo's s.MK actually has close and far versions that look the exact same. The close one buffers, while the far one does not, but the range you have to be in to get close s.MK is very small.

Corner Differences

1) Pretty self-explanatory, even though it doesn't make sense. These situations are created when both characters vie for the same space while in the corner. On one side, the cornered player stays cornered, and on the other side, the player on the outside is able to squeeze in.
2) As if it wasn't hard enough deciding which way to charge after getting hit by Rolento's tripwire super, now you have to deal with this garbage!
3) This bit only has to do with Zangief's lariat. I just included the air throw super in there because it looked cool, and omni told me once that his favorite thing about the CvS2 custom system was probably that combo (because everything else looked like mashing).