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chibi GuileCvS2 Super Activation Animations - 06.07.2002
performed and edited by Maj (2:01, 7,266 KB, WMV8)

CvS2 Super Activation Animations Guide

Game Versions: Capcom vs SNK / Dreamcast / Japan / 2000
Game Versions: Capcom vs SNK Pro / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001
Game Versions: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001
Soundtrack: The White Stripes - I Think I Smell A Rat

This video is a collection of superfreeze animations slowed down dramatically due to a character dying. Although it's entirely aesthetic and contains nothing practical or useful, it did require some technical thinking to create. All combos were performed using two standard Dreamcast pads without any assistance. Some of the clips require infinite super gauge. They can be made legal with slight alterations, but would not look as good and this video is all about looks.

CvS2 Super Activation Animations screenshots

CvS Iori (Capcom Groove)
The first super finishes off Rugal with a counterhit while Iori initiates a second lvl3 super. The counterhit causes a Finest KO and the Capcom Groove superfreeze animation turns the blue explosion into a shining golden one.

CvS Sakura (SNK Groove)
Following the same formula as the previous clip, Sakura uses a super fireball to kill her opponent just as she activates her lvl3 uppercut super. It's easy to examine the differences between Capcom Groove superfreeze and SNK Groove superfreeze from these two demonstrations.

CvSPro EX King (Capcom Groove)
Because of the way it makes her opponent bounce, EX King's fireball super gives her plenty of time to recover and execute her second super. As in the Iori clip, the Capcom Groove superfreeze flips the KO explosion colors to their negative counterparts.

CvSPro EX Kim (SNK Groove)
EX Kim has the only special move into super move cancel in CvS and CvSPro. While you can't normally perform specials or supers after your opponent has died, the CvS engine does allow you to perform special move cancels even after you have won. EX Vice and EX Yamazaki both have special move into special move cancels that they can do in the same way. The Finest KO is caused by ending the round by counterhitting a super move with a special move.

CvS2 Terry (C-Groove)
CvS2 normally stops accepting inputs for specials and supers once the opponent is dead. This case is no exception to that rule. What makes it work is the fact that Terry's lvl2 Buster Wolf super can not be cancelled until all of the hits have connected. Performing a second super just before the final hit of the first one uses Capcom's beginner-friendly execution leniency to allow the cancel. So you can enter the inputs for the second super before your opponent dies, but have it come out immediately after. The counterhit super causes a Finest KO, but the C-Groove super does not cause it to change colors in CvS2. Terry and Rock have a special intro together and special win poses against each other.

CvS2 Rugal (A-Groove)
Fully charging Rugal's Kaiser Wave creates a three-hit fireball which can be cancelled into anything while he is in Custom Combo mode. The last two hits of the fireball finish off his opponent while Rugal's super starts up. It juggles because all moves have infinite juggle potential when performed in Custom Combo mode. Also, Rugal's standing s.HP looks cool with all those shadows.

CvS2 Guile (S-Groove)
Rolento's grenade frees Guile from his Sonic Hurricane animation and allows him to initiate another super just as his opponent runs out of life. Gauges in the background display both characters' vitality.

CvS2 Dan (C-Groove)
The lvl2 super fireball must be cancelled inbetween hits so that the fireball hits following the cancel finish off his opponent. If performed in this manner, his opponent will have no way of stopping Dan from performing his full super taunt. Unfortunately, he does not gain any meter back upon completion of the super if his opponent is knocked out. Performing the super taunt at any level drains Dan's entire meter, and always causes a lvl3 superfreeze. Also noteworthy is that the stage background changes during the last clip - the cafe umbrellas are replaced by large arches while the bus covers the screen.