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chibi GuileCvS2 Guile Expert Link Combos - 09.23.2002
performed and edited by Maj (0:32, 4,247 KB, MPG)

CvS2 Guile Expert Link Combos Guide

Game Version: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001

This video showcases some of Guile's more interesting and unexpected links in CvS2. All combos were performed on a standard Dreamcast pad without any assistance, using the Training Mode Dummy feature whenever an opponent action was necessary.

CvS2 Guile Expert Link Combos screenshots

LA Akuma vs DreamTR combo
At its core, this combo is simply a collection relatively easy elements. The LP Sonic Boom fills in the gap caused by the horrible lag after Guile's F+LK knee bazooka, and the rest of the combo is old news. Running through Rolento's lvl3 Mine Sweeper is simply a matter of timing - there are no tricks or glitches involved. However, getting everything in this clip to work in unison requires the utmost precision. The range of the Sonic Boom must be maximized, Rolento must do everything with perfect positioning and timing, and there must be no sloppy gaps in Guile's movements. The counterhit does not make this combo any easier because the Sonic Boom connects so soon after the knee bazooka. Rolento's grenades are not projectiles and therefore don't nullify projectiles, which is why the Sonic Boom passes through the explosions intact.

Martin Vega vs Mike Watson combo
Unlike the previous combo, counterhit is necessary here in order to follow Guile's F+MK hopkick with a linked c.LP attack. Between charging up for the lvl3 Somersault Justice and performing the links, there's nothing easy about this combo. From a certain specific distance the final Flash Kick of Guile's lvl3 Somersault Justice will miss one of its hits, leaving the juggle count just low enough to follow up with a lvl1 Somersault Justice.

Tomo Ohira vs Kuroyume combo
Guile's j.HK attack only functions as a crossup against a very small number of characters, and Guile's triple MP link only works against crouching Zangief. Performing Guile's c.MP followed by his c.LP puts Zangief at the perfect range for this crossup. By the end of the combo Zangief is too far away to get hit by anything except for Guile's Sonic Hurricane super.

Gilley vs Three-11 combo
S-Groove Guile has the ability to link a lvl1 Somersault Justice after a point blank knockdown dodge attack, even from midscreen. If done close enough to the corner, the opponent stays in range to follow up with a second lvl1 Somersault Justice for a total of four juggle hits. The knockdown gives Guile the opportunity to attempt a meaty s.HK linked into his F+HP backfist.