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chibi GuileCvS2 Ken Expert Link Combos - 10.21.2002
performed and edited by Maj (0:39, 5,123 KB, MPG)

CvS2 Ken Expert Link Combos Guide

Game Version: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001

This video is a look at Ken's wide array of stylish links and fancy combos in CvS2. Ken's strength and versatility afford him considerable damage potential in any situation. All combos were performed on a standard Dreamcast pad without any assistance, using the Training Mode Dummy feature whenever an opponent action was necessary.

CvS2 Ken Expert Link Combos screenshots

JumpsuitJesse vs Javi combo
The first clip simply demonstrates Ken's ability to combo after his fireball. Ken's air Hurricane Kick has to be initiated as soon as he begins the downward arc of his jump to reach his opponent in time. The second combo must begin with an early j.HP to avoid getting pushed back. Ken's s.MK, s.LP combo is a one-frame link, meaning there is no room for error. The s.LP can either be canceled or linked into Ken's lvl2 Shoryu Reppa - either way will work. Ken's lvl2 Shoryu Reppa must be canceled into the HCF+LK kick immediately after the second hit of the second uppercut for the axe kick to connect. Ken's lvl1 Shinryuken is tacked on for six extra juggle hits at the end of the combo.

Daigo vs Tokido combo
While Ken's j.HK is not a true crossup, it can be used as one against some crouching characters and a few short and wide standing characters, such as Honda. The c.MP, c.LP, c.MK link makes it necessary to use a wide character in order to connect with the lvl3 Shippu Jinraikyaku super. Ryu has this exact same link, except it's easier since his c.MP gives more frame advantage than Ken's version.

omni vs Shirts combo
The double air Hurricane Kick combo requires a tall opponent for the first air Hurricane Kick to hit twice and for the second one to connect. Ken's j.LP, j.LK, j.MP and vertical jumping HK are the only attacks he can buffer in the air. The first combo is easiest in C-Groove and A-Groove because grooves with Short Jump have more jumping frames, meaning they take longer to get off the ground. The second combo works in any groove but A-Groove and demonstrates Ken's cool s.LP, s.HP link into lvl3 Shippu Jinraikyaku super. The Ken black gi color was copied directly from CvS.

d44_bas vs omni combo
This is without a doubt the hardest, most time-consuming combo i have done yet. Everything has to be perfect for it to work. The j.HK and s.HK have to be timed perfectly in order for the MP Shoryuken to strike at the right distance, and the lvl2 Shinryuken has to be timed perfectly in order for it to connect. No juggling will occur until the lvl2 Shinryuken has reached its fifth hit. It must then be mashed extremely rapidly in order for the opponent to fall into all three hits of Ken's HP Shoryuken. The second part of the combo would be even more difficult than the first, except that with only one level of super meter left, all of the kick buttons can be used one after the other while inputting the command for the lvl1 Shinryuken to help get it out as soon as Ken recovers from his LP Shoryuken. As presented, this combo works only on characters with a sixty point Dizzy limit, but adding Ken's LP fireball at the beginning will raise the Dizzy point total from sixty-six to seventy-three. Also, it's possible to inflict 100% damage with this combo starter by building enough super meter for another lvl2 Shinryuken while the opponent is Dizzy. However, it really comes down to the line because hitting a Dizzy opponent gives less super meter than expected. Kara-canceling normal attacks into whiffed special moves helps a little, but still takes far too long - the opponent can easily mash out of Dizzy before Ken has enough meter.