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chibi GuileCvS2 Original SF2 Cast Combos - 11.18.2002
performed and edited by Maj (0:50, 6,641 KB, MPG)

CvS2 Original SF2 Cast Combos Guide

Game Version: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001

The purpose of this video is to show a sampling of various combos for random original Street Fighter characters. As such, there's no clear unifying theme to the video. These are just some ideas that didn't fit anywhere else. All combos were performed on a standard Dreamcast pad without any assistance, using the Training Mode Dummy feature whenever an opponent action was necessary.

CvS2 Original SF2 Cast Combos screenshots

Gunter combo
S-Groove dodge is used here to make the c.HP attack meaty, allowing the DB+MK to link. The third hit works only against crouching Zangief. Zangief has very few links in CvS2 so this was thrown in as homage to the classic SF2 games, where almost any button pair resulted in a link combo for Zangief.

Xcutioner vs Sanford combo
Since Vega has no natural crossups, Eagle's Manchester Black (QCB + P) was used to create a hit box behind him for Vega to attack, emulating a typical crossup to pull the opponent closer to Vega and to the corner. Vega's back must be very near the corner for the fourth hit to combo.

DerT7 vs image combo
This combo is interesting because of the j.HK used to cross up instead of the usual j.MK, the number of rapid fire weak attacks chained together, and the c.LP, c.HK link which is far more difficult to do in CvS2 than it was in CvS. The lvl3 Shin Shoryuken is the only move in Ryu's arsenal that will reach the opponent in time to juggle after such a distant c.HK sweep.

J0kes vs eidrian combo
It's very tricky to time the lvl1 Direct Lightning super so that it reaches the corner and connects with the opponent simultaneously. If done correctly, Blanka will stop and recover immediately instead of bouncing back as usual. This allows plenty of time to tack on a lvl2 Shout Of Earth, which can be canceled into Blanka's KKK Backhop to allow for an extra juggle at the end of the combo.

Nightcrawler vs hiryu combo
Using two separate j.MP chains instead of the common single jump is done for style alone. Between the spacing necessary for the second j.MP to connect and the short amount of time Bison has to charge for the lvl3 Mega Psycho Crusher, this combo is more difficult than it would seem.

s-kill vs GhettoD combo
This combo requires a cornered crouching opponent, but works in either corner. However, as a result of corner differences in CvS2, the awkward knockdown arc of the opponent shown in this clip only happens near one of the corners. The lvl2 Onimusou is canceled using an MK Sumo Splash by performing the command while Honda is still airborne during the final headbutt of the lvl2 super. Because of the flexibility window for accepting command inputs in CvS2, the Sumo Splash is executed as soon as Honda lands. This allows for more time to charge for the final lvl1 Onimusou.

Sirlin vs zuggzugg combo
Most people aren't aware Dhalsim even has a crossup in CvS2, which isn't surprising considering how rarely it comes up in gameplay. Using the j.B+MK crossup allows the D+MK slide following Dhalsim's DB+HP to hit early enough to be cancelable into his lvl2 Yoga Stream, which is then canceled into the Yoga Flame and followed immediately by a lvl1 Yoga Volcano.

ShinJN vs DTwinX combo
This combo can be performed either midscreen or in the corner against any size opponent. In fact, Sagat can even use an MP Tiger Uppercut to interrupt the lvl2 Tiger Genocide near the corner and still have time to juggle with his lvl1 Tiger Raid. No matter where on the stage this combo is started, it will always end with the opponent cornered on the opposite side.