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chibi GuileFun With Capcom Fighting Evolution - 12.25.2004
performed and edited by jchensor (5:54, 52,315 KB, MPG)

Fun With Capcom Fighting Evolution

Game Version: Capcom Fighting Evolution / PlayStation 2 / North America / 2004
Soundtrack: Katamari Damacy OST - Katamari On The Rock

Fun With CFE screenshots

In many ways, CFE is an extension of the core CvS2 combo engine. The rules of the juggle system remain largely unchanged and most standard interactions between characters feel essentially identical. Yet the specific attributes of numerous attacks hold subtle differences. Coupled with the addition of fifteen inductees and a handful of novel setup tools, there is plenty of new territory to explore.

Originally, the plan was to stand aside so that newcomers could use CFE as a gateway into combo video production. Unfortunately, the players' initial response was underwhelming and the game was widely rejected by the fighting game community. After waiting for over a month, it became clear that nobody was interested in making a CFE combo video.

Even though none of us were huge fans of the game, we felt it deserved a little more attention than it was receiving. Combo ideas were developed and contributed in roughly equal measure by jchensor, Kamui, and myself. However, jchensor performed and captured all of the footage on his own, using a standard arcade-style joystick. He also edited the video by himself, so he deserves most of the credit for bringing this project to life. While it's both impossible and pointless to recall who devised which concept, i would like to point out that i discovered Chun Li's backwards facing Hyakuretsukyaku combo against Hauzer - simply because it was the first infinite combo i had ever found.

Nearly all of the clips are self-explanatory to any experienced CvS2 player with a basic understanding of the major new features introduced in CFE. Many combos demonstrated in the video are contingent upon a unique property of the specific opponent selected. For example, only Karin can be juggled after standard throws, only Anakaris can be grabbed off the ground during Custom Combo mode, and only Hauzer is a gigantic dinosaur. Investing a little bit of time in Training Mode always goes a long way toward deciphering any confusing sequence.