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                 - Archived Entry -

06.14.2004 - CvS2 Projectile Cancel Expanded
(originally posted without multimedia at on 02.04.2004)

Game Version: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001

As an addendum to the previous entry, lvl2 cancels can also be manipulated in a similar fashion, but they require another super to connect. Basically, if you throw a lvl1 super fireball full screen away from the opponent, then do a lvl2 super before it connects, the lvl2 super becomes cancelable as soon as the opponent takes a super hit.

Furthermore, if the lvl2 super is canceled during the four-frame startup preceeding superfreeze animation, the invincibility period ends immediately. It's possible that this invincibility can not be transferred from one move to the next via a lvl2 cancel. Another possibility is that the pre-superfreeze invincibility and post-superfreeze invincibility are two separate entities, with the former lasting only a few frames. It's difficult to tell, and largely inconsequential.

Custom Combos are much more flexible of course, and allow you to cancel almost anything as long as almost anything else connects.

Although it would be a logical corollary, neither special nor super projectiles can be used to enable special move cancels outside of CC mode. For example, Yamazaki can not use a reflected projectile to cancel from his Sand Scattering into his Serpent Slash. Likewise, Nakoruru can not use her Mamahaha projectile specials or supers to cancel from her projectile reflect attack into its followup.

The last case, which are special chain moves such as almost all of Morrigan's buttons, don't seem to be projectile cancelable either. You can't chain cancel them simply by making a fireball connect. And there aren't any chain-able fireballs in CvS2 so there's no way to make that parallel.

cvs2fbcancel05.jpg (320x240, 50 KB, JPG)
cvs2fbcancel05.wmv (0:07, 741 KB, WMV9)
cvs2fbcancel06.jpg (320x240, 49 KB, JPG)
cvs2fbcancel06.wmv (0:06, 651 KB, WMV9)
cvs2fbcancel07.jpg (320x240, 48 KB, JPG)
cvs2fbcancel07.wmv (0:10, 974 KB, WMV9)