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                 - Archived Entry -

05.31.2004 - CvS2 Final Grade Remix Study
(originally posted without multimedia at on 01.27.2004)

Game Version: Capcom vs SNK 2 / Dreamcast / Japan / 2001

Kyosuke's lvl3 team super move is pretty weird. That second hit where he does the flipkick has either a full-screen hit box or some sort of displaced hit box that tracks the opponent. If you do the super from full screen against Dhalsim's fully extended s.HP (or any other long limb), the second hit will connect across nearly 3/4 screen distance. Since Hinata comes in from behind the opponent, the rest of the super goes on as normal.

I tried to hit Rolento as soon as he got to the point in his Steel Rain super where he releases the knives, hoping that Kyosuke would be able to nullify them with his crazy flipkick, but that didn't work. So i don't really have a good explanation for the move. It's just crazy.

Another weird thing is that after the flipkick connects, when Kyosuke leaps back to give Hinata some space, he's sort of not considered fully airborne. It's possible to have the opponent throw out a jab fireball and do the team super about one character width away from the opponent so that the fireball is released and the super connects. If this is done with the opponent's back to the corner, Kyosuke will land on the fireball when he does his giant back leap. Then he'll just kinda freeze in the air as if he'd been grounded when he got hit by the fireball, until the ground hit stun of the fireball runs out. Then he'll just get knocked down.

It looks a lot like what happens to the opponent when Ryo's machine gun punches are interrupted with a knife or grenade or something. Also, in this instance, the team super halts and neither Hinata nor Batsu appear. There is a Sai-Rec setup very similar to this, but they use someone with a ground fireball like Rugal or Terry, so that Kyosuke doesn't get hit by the fireball until he completes his leap and lands (which must also be the trigger for his teammates to come out).

cvs2taiyo01.jpg (320x240, 48 KB, JPG)
cvs2taiyo01.wmv (0:10, 992 KB, WMV9)
cvs2taiyo02.jpg (320x240, 55 KB, JPG)
cvs2taiyo02.wmv (0:06, 675 KB, WMV9)
cvs2taiyo03.jpg (320x240, 54 KB, JPG)
cvs2taiyo03.wmv (0:15, 1,292 KB, WMV9)