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                 - Archived Entry -

05.03.2004 - CvS Projectile Trajectory Realignment
(originally posted without multimedia at on 01.17.2004)

Game Version: Capcom vs SNK / Dreamcast / Japan / 2000

For anyone slightly curious, i tried the CvS2 throw glitch i mentioned earlier in CvS and it works pretty much exactly the same as it does in CvS2. The main difference is that the vertical alignment of nonstandard height projectiles such as Sagat's Tiger Shots and almost all SNK ground fireballs cannot be altered. It's possible to make them change direction but not height level. The only exception to this is Terry's Power Wave, which can be realigned just like standard height fireballs.

Also, there's probably some more random stuff that can be done by knocking down an opponent the instant they release a fireball. Maybe it'll get even more funky if you KO the opponent on this frame. I remember some weird stuff happening in casual play (me vs cpu while everyone else was playing MvC2) where Dhalsim got KO'd just as he was activating his Ground Flame super and it sort of stuck to him as he got knocked down. Anyway, most of it is harmless and really really rare, but maybe it would be good to put in a glitch compendium video at some point.

This connection between CvS and CvS2 is common for pretty much all bugs and glitches. Whenever someone finds something crazy in CvS2 (such as Roll-Cancel or the Red Impact Charge Glitch or Kyo OTG craziness) that isn't due directly to an element that was introduced in CvS2 (such as Custom Combos), there's usually an identical glitch in CvS or at least a fairly obvious parallel. Despite some minor changes and differences in the way things are handled (such as the way and the time invincibility is assigned to rolls), most of the base CvS2 engine seems to have been derived from the CvS engine. So it's not surprising. If the throw meter boost glitch and the Benimaru glitch hadn't been discovered in CvS, they would probably be in CvS2 right now.

cvsfbrealign01.jpg (320x240, 50 KB, JPG)
cvsfbrealign01.wmv (0:06, 615 KB, WMV9)
cvsfbrealign02.jpg (320x240, 47 KB, JPG)
cvsfbrealign02.wmv (0:05, 561 KB, WMV9)