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                 - Archived Entry -

01.12.2004 - Original Notebook Primer
(originally posted at on 01.12.2004)

It's difficult to find a place for everything i find in CvS2. Most of the stuff can't really be applied to combos to make them any better. Almost none of the stuff can be applied to strategy to help anyone win any more matches. But it's interesting stuff nonetheless. So this thread is going to be a journal of sorts for the neat things i find from time to time.

The second video i made was called "CvS2 Random Awkward Craziness" and it was just a collection of random odd-looking things such as the Maki Counter Attack glitch, corner differences, and some stuff with Morrigan's Darkness Illusion. At some point far, far in the future i may revisit the idea and make a Volume 2. With the way i'm picturing this thread turning out, most of the stuff i talk about here is probably going to wind up in that hypothetical video. But until then, it's just text and it's only here because there's no other place for it.

First off, here's an index of random threads created for cataloguing properties of CvS2 and/or containing specific lists of moves fulfilling a certain property.

CvS2: Blanka Mysterious Super Damage
CvS2: The Meter Factor (damage)
CvS2: Uncounterable Attacks
CvS2: Attacks Prohibiting Safe Fall
CvS2: Attacks Prohibiting Tactical Recovery
CvS2: Stage Lengths
CvS2: Suspending Screen Movement
CvS2: Fireball Dissipation Distances

Just to be clear (and honest), this is one of those rare instances where i'm not really looking for much feedback. I hope people look through this stuff and are amused, but i'm going to be doing my own thing no matter what. I just don't want people to be throwing out suggestions and ideas and stuff and expecting me to do all the work. Anyway, here goes ...