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Welcome to! Here you will find detailed articles analyzing various fighting games, several combo exhibitions, some glitch videos, and everything in-between. I've been a Street Fighter player since the age of fourteen and still enjoy figuring out how things work, so i created this web site to share discoveries with my friends and anyone else who's interested. All footage on display was formulated and performed solely by me unless otherwise stated in the accompanying transcript.

Wondering where to begin? Start by downloading the latest strategy or combo media. While you're waiting for those to arrive, explore the various handy reference articles and tutorials. After going through the feature movie list, check out the notebook archive for lots of additional unedited video clips. Keep in mind that all direct multimedia are color-coded blue for easy navigation. All in all, this website should keep you entertained for a few solid hours; more, if you're willing to be more than just a passive observer. Take the time to try out some of this stuff for yourself, and if you want to discuss any of your experiments, feel free to contact me. Finally, be sure to browse the links directory to see what else is happening in the fighting game community.

chibi GuileComposition of the Week 01.10.2011
83 Til - Substance

  chibi GuileCinema of the Week 01.10.2011
Inception (2010)

chibi GuileComposition of the Week 01.03.2011
Rouben Hakhverdian - Antsrev

  chibi GuileCinema of the Week 01.03.2011
Predators (2010)

chibi GuileSong of the Week 12.20.2010
Miles Davis - Saeta

  chibi GuileShow of the Week 12.20.2010
Sunshine (2007)

chibi GuileSong of the Week 12.13.2010
Zazie - Je Suis Un Homme

  chibi GuileShow of the Week 12.13.2010
Children Of Men (2006)

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