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Majestic Screenshot Gallery

Hi, how are you? This might come off as a bit random, but i have some fighting game screenshots to share. We'll get to them in a minute, and hopefully you'll find them enjoyable. Yes i know the section title is dumb, but who cares? I am bad at naming things; leave me alone.

Before you get to browsing, let me just go over a couple of quick notes. What you're about to see are all completely legit, unaltered snapshots captured in native resolution using whatever emulator tools were available for each respective platform. Every image highlights a specific situation or animation frame that stood out as attention-worthy to me - from the perspective of a fighting game player and admirer of sprite artwork.

If you should enjoy these pictures enough to want local copies, don't bother saving them one by one. I've archived the entire collection into one convenient file, which you can pick up on your way back.

And so, without further ado ... the entrance!