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  Given its historical significance within the fighting game genre, it's only appropriate to begin with the Street Fighter II series.
Hyper Street Fighter II intro   SF2CE Ryu vs Ken
The first is a particularly cool still from the HSF2 intro, normally only displayed for four frames, which means most people don't know it exists. The second is kind of a Yin-Yang concept with SF2CE Shotos. Originally considered putting it on Chun Li's stage but the colors didn't gel.   // 08.31.2008

  How about some impossible Air Force acrobatics?
SF2HF Guile vs Guile   SSF2T T.Hawk vs Guile
The first is SF2HF Guile's j.HK against Guile's F+HK upside-down kick. The second is SSF2T T.Hawk's Double Typhoon superfreeze catching O.Guile's F+HK upside-down kick at max range.   // 10.13.2008

  Couple of ghetto pictures of Chun representing her people's gymnastics dominance ...
SF2WW Chun Li vs Ryu   SSF2T Chun Li vs Ken
The first is SF2WW Chun Li doing HK Spinning Bird Kick to match Ryu's wakeup animation. The second is SSF2T Chun Li j.D+MK stomping on top of Ken's handstand.   // 09.02.2008

  Elemental damage!
SSF2 Dhalsim vs M.Bison   SSF2 Dhalsim vs Blanka
The first is SSF2 Dhalsim's HP Yoga Fire trading with Bison's HP Psycho Crusher, lighting both characters on fire. This happens in real matches sometimes and i always thought it looked cool, especially when it occurs at the end of a round. The second is SSF2 Dhalsim's LP Yoga Fire trading with Blanka's Electricity, during which he's considered crouching apparently.   // 09.02.2008

  Epic Super Clash: Episode 1!
  (Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo)
SSF2T Fei Long vs Balrog   SSF2T Cammy vs Sagat
The first is SSF2T Fei Long's Rekka Shin Ken against Balrog's Crazy Buffalo. The second is SSF2T Cammy's Spin Drive Smasher having passed under the Tiger Knee component of Sagat's Tiger Genocide.   // 09.25.2008

  We conclude this SF2 series presentation with a pair of Super Combo Finishes:
SSF2T Dhalsim vs Sagat   SSF2T Cammy vs M.Bison
The first is the Tiger Uppercut component of SSF2T Sagat's Tiger Genocide hitting Dhalsim out of a jump. The second is SSF2T Bison's Knee Press Nightmare killing Cammy after time runs out. Both screenshots are taken on the frame after the super explosion ends and the stage background (partially) reappears.   // 09.04.2008

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